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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Hero

      An Hero, a metalcore band from Warren, IL takes it's name from the act of suicide for petty reasons. Although the name holds a dark connotation, the band is far from depressing. In October of 2010, five guys came together to rock and have fun, the band forming was kind of unexpected. Three of the five members are from Warren, a small town in Illinois, less than a mile from the IL/WI state line. The other two members are from Lena, IL, about twelve miles southeast of Warren.

      The band consists of Kyle Smith (guitar), Jim Curran (bass), Dylan Mckee (guitar), Jarrett Winder (drums) and TJ Davis (vocals).

      With nothing to do, the band set out to play shows all over the area. Most recently, the band played Pajama Jam in Apple River, IL, where they debuted three new songs. The event, coincidentally put together by An Hero vocalist, TJ Davis, had a decent turnout and had other local bands Still The Sky and In The Year of The Plague playing, as well.

      Being fans of A Day To Remember, August Burns Red and Parkway Drive, the members of An Hero decided on the metalcore genre. Althought metalcore in spirit, the band often times doesn't know how to label their sound. Sometimes, during show performances, Tj Davis will drop the mic and join the moshing taking place in the crowds. The rest of the band is a bit more timid, but make good use of their rock boxes.

      This summer, the band hopes to play several shows and make a little extra cash. They will be playing An Hero's own TJ Davis's Graduation party alongside Still The Sky and will also be playing FSU 2011 alongside Witness The Burning, In The Year of The Plague and Charybdis.

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