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Friday, April 15, 2011

In The Year of The Plague

In The Year of The Plague
Photo:  Anna Maria Photography
      What happens when you take the deathcore genre, give it heavy hardcore tendencies and top it off with just a hint of black metal? Something that 4 out of 5 dentist would describe as brutal, unhealthy and possibly contagious. You also get In The Year of The Plague, a band that formed in February over a year ago. 
      "Zac Glawe (Guitar) met Cory Gantenbein (Drums) through a friend. Zac brought both Cory and Greg Larson (Bass) back to his place and we all basically agreed that he was what we were looking for." Says Andrew Owens (Guitar),"In October, we replaced our original vocalist with Jake Yattone (Vocals)." Both Andrew and Preston Blythe (vocals) were in previous projects with Zac and Greg.
      When it comes to lyrics, In The Year of The Plague knows no limits. According to Andrew, the two vocalists write a great deal of the lyrics, sometimes asking the rest of the band for help. Some previous topics include standing up for oneself, never giving up and even a song that really has no meaning beyond what you hear. "Pretty much whatever they want the song to be about."
In The Year of The Plague @ The House Cafe
Photo: Anna Maria Photography
      Apart from their unique take on deathcore, what seperates the band from other bands in the genre? "Watching videos of deathcore shows, you see bands being rather stagnant. The kids in the crowd stand and text. We're not like that. We all love what we're doing and put everything we have into our shows. We're all moving, every second of the set. Most, if not all, of the crowd is moving and everyone has a good time." says Andrew confidently. "Everyone of us is sore for a few days after and we can't stop talking about how much fun it was. That's what sets us apart, definitely."
      When the band started playing shows for the first time, Andrew Owens was 'out' of the band. "Well, I live in Skokie, a suburb of Chicago, so I'm 2 hours away from the rest of the band." Says Andrew."They played some shows without me while they were looking for a new guitarist. (The Band) eventually decided that they didn't want anybody else for the spot." He rejoined the line-up last June. When asked about his first show after rejoining the group, Andrew jokes,."It wasn't our best show."
      Since his return, Andrew says the band has played between 20-25 shows. The have 2 independently recorded demos. Both of which were recorded several months apart and sound very different. "They're both very different in so many ways because our sound is always growing and developing."
      Download In The Year of The Plague's most recent demo for free here. They have merch up on Facebook or you can buy one at a show. In The Year of The Plague will be playing at The Lodge on the 23rd with RooksMICAWBER, and other great bands. Also, you can find the band at Feckbawlz Fest next month!

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