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Friday, April 15, 2011

I, The Creator

I, The Creator @ The House Cafe
Photo: Taylor Wadley
      "We all have the ability to create or destroy our surroundings, either on a conscious and/or unconscious level." Says Julian Cunningham, vocalist for the band, I, The Creator. The band writes metalcore music that is inspired by simply 'living life', both the good and bad aspects. Whether it be a life changing event or simply a late night/early morning text message. "It's pretty random, really. (The songs) can be about the state of society or mythical creatures dancing in the moonlight"
      The band consists of Stephen Sporman and Kirk Wedig on guitars, Korbin Fleischer on bass, Dustin Curtis on drums and Julian Cunningham on vocals. "We're 5 guys who take this seriously. We always push ourselves to write better music and we're always looking to improve and grow as musicians and songwriters. This is our life and we want to make this our career." Says Stephen, the 21-year-old guitar player.
      Stephen estimates near a hundred shows since the band started, yet band vocalist, Julian  can still remember the band's first show. "It was at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds and we played a short set because we only had three songs, at the time. We played with Abandon All Hope, The Mill, The Rage Inside and Kryptic Throne. it was a great time in spite of the small turn out."
I, The Creator @ The House Cafe
Photo: Taylor Wadley
      With near a hundred shows, you would think the band would start getting a little cocky. "We don’t take ourselves too seriously. (It's) a part of our charm. We don't walk around like 'we are super awesome' and 'people are SUPPOSED to like us.' If you come to one of our shows, you will see that we do all kinds of silly stuff to entertain ourselves, (as well as) the crowd. It's all about having fun, not the scene or your ego." Says Julian.
      How did this gang of modest goofballs come together? "Our old drummer, Eric, and Julian had known each other for quite sometime and decided to start jamming with another guy." says Stephen Sporman."Our bass player, Korbin, joined them after learning how to play bass after just a couple of weeks and (they) started the band, Push Come to Shove, which would later become the basis for I, The Creator." When the old guitarist quit, they invited Stephen to jam with them. Shortly after, Kirk joined the band. After a year with the band, Eric, quit the band. A good friend of the band, Dustin, was called up to play with the band as the replacement drummer. Leaving only Julian and Korbin as original members.
      Unfortunately, Korbin will be leaving for the army at the end of the summer, "It sucks that he's gonna be leaving, but we, as a group, back him in his decision. He's always gonna be a part of the ITC family, and we look forward to hanging with him when he returns" Says Julian.
      I, The Creator will be playing a show this Saturday at Rock Hollow in Freeport, IL. They will be playing for Metal Protecting Children, which aims to keep children safe from abuse. They will also be playing at Feckbawlz Fest 2011. You can get their CD on iTunes and Amazon. The band is currently looking to play in the Rockford area and is also in search for a replacement bassist for the end of the summer.

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