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Friday, April 15, 2011

The definition of 'Souless'

"My brother once told me I'm emotionless sometimes" - Souless
Photo: Rigo Aviles

      Unfeeling, unmerciful, unsparing and unsympathetic. These words are synonymous with another word, Soulless. "My brother once told me I’m kind of emotionless at times," says local rapper, Rigo 'Souless' Aviles, "I learned not to have emotions or feelings."

      Souless describes his music as "unorthodox with jazzy beats." Often times, taking a different approach when dealing with familiar topics. "I'm not trying to outdo the other guy." says the young rapper, "I'm about making music that I like, music that sticks in your head."

      So what kind of music does Souless enjoy? Growing up, he listened to a lot of artists he considered 'hardcore'. Artists such as South Park Mexican, Biggie Smalls and Dr. Dre. Also listening to a lot of freestyle because it's what his father enjoyed listening to. Although hip hop is still his primary choice, Souless listens to everything, from Daniel Johnston to Jimi Hendrix, Mac Lethal and Brother Ali. "Right now on my iPod, I have nothing but Atmosphere playing non-stop."

      For nearly 7 years, he's been trying to perfect his trade. Fairly recently, he decided to start battle rapping at local events. "I’ve been battling for no less than just a couple of months, but I’m getting into it and I’m going to make my way to the top. Slowly, but surely." says a confident Souless who took the win in his battle at March Massacre 2 against Kay-Gee, another local battle rapper.

      "That battle went great for me," recalls Souless,"I was really nervous just because I had lost against Raco the Dragon just a month before." When asked how he prepared for the match, he replied," I practiced everyday for about 2 weeks and wrote as many bars as possible."

      So, recording or battling? When asked, Souless replied,"I prefer recording tracks better because I love making the music I write, but battle rapping is really fun and gets so intense. I love going toe to toe with another M.C."

      You can find several Souless tracks on his YouTube Channel. You can also see  Souless battle at Battlefest Presents Mayday Mayhem hosted by Blaze against Akeem Kizart on May 7th. 

“Keep an ear on the hip hop scene in Rockford. It’s getting bigger every minute.” - Souless


(Originally posted on Examiner)

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