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Monday, May 9, 2011

Cain & Abel's Secret To a Better Family/Band

Cain & Abel

      Cain & Abel, the Hardcore band from Menomonee, WI, has been around longer than a lot of the bands currently in the scene. Not only that, but the band has had the same line-up since their formation in '08. If your jaw isn't hanging open right now, you must not be aware of how often bands are forming, breaking up, and switching members.

      "The secret to our story is that we didn't really set out to form a band. We were just good friends, who had some musical talent and liked to jam." Says the band. Five of the six band members have known each other since grade school, having attended the same catholic school. They met up with lead singer, Tyler Trokan, their first or second year of high school and he was soon considered a good friend. From backyard shows and school projects to full-length albums and headlining shows, the band still maintains a strong friendship among each other and it seems to be working just fine!

Are they a band, or a happy family? Both?
      Cain & Abel consists of friends, Tyler Trokan (vocals), Jake Noggle (vocals), Jared Block (guitar), Ike Weins (guitar), Jeff Jalenchick (bass) and Josh Fox (drums). "Our stage presence is unmatched," says the band. "We also have the music to back it up. We put on our best performance whether its in front of 30 people or 300 people. Our music is also very hard hitting between the unique dual-vocals and melodic instrumentation."

      On December 28th, 2010, the band was ready to play their CD release show at the Miramar Theater in Milwaukee, WI. They had no idea how many people would show up, but to their surprise, people were lining up outside waiting to get into the show. "We didn't expect it to sell out, but with the help of the bands (Sleep Serapis Sleep, The Color Morale [Rise Records], Hail Archer, and Blank Image) and the hype of our first full-length CD it did indeed sell out." The crowd was very energetic and participated well. The band is very proud of this moment in their career and were happy to have sold over 60 albums that night.

Cain & Abel's CD Release Show Flyer
      They are doing pretty well for themselves, having racked up anywhere between 75 and 100 shows, selling out their album release show with over 350 people in attending last December, being one of five bands chosen to play Milwaukee's stop at the 2010 Warped Tour, and being featured as one of Alternative Press's Hometown Heroes in February of 2011. Cain & Abel has a resume that many bands would kill for, figuratively speaking.

      You can catch them this summer! They will be touring for ten days in Mid-June. They are also in the running to play both the Cornerstone Music Festival near Bushnell, IL and this year's Warped Tour in Milwaukee, which they played last year. So help them reclaim their spot and vote until Mid-July!

      The band has lots of neat things going on this summer, and to top it all off, keep your eyes peeled for new summer merch and even some new music! Follow the band on Facebook!


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