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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Halfway To Nowhere

Halfway to Nowhere

      In August of '09, a few young musicians from Lombard, IL were down and unable to find bands that were built to last or succeed in the long run, they turned to each other and created the melodic, post-hardcore band, Halfway to Nowhere.

      The name comes from an instance when Dave Catanese, the band drummer, was walking home and realized he had lost his keys. He said the phrase and it kind of just stuck. When writing music, the band chooses to stay away from disrespectful themes that would offend individuals. They like to think that their music reflects themselves as people and stay away from hateful topics.

      The band is Mike Sumang on vox, Logan Lundgren and Jake Burton on guitars, Nick Collis on the bass, and Dave Catanese on Drums. The band has about a dozen shows to their name and have released one EP entitled Fathoms.

Halfway To Nowhere live!
      The band released their Fathoms EP and had this to say about it:
"Musically, we wanted to write music and play what we loved and enjoyed. The EP itself was never lyrically about anything. (We) wanted to record all of the songs we had written. We think it shows that no matter what, we can achieve the goals we set, no matter how short or how stressfull the times can be"
      The band hopes to play a few shows in IL/WI this summer, so keep a look out for events on the band's Facebook! The band is set to play the Uncharted Midwest Music Fest on July 3rd! Keep an eye on the blog for updates on the blog's first EVER music event!


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