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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Patience Pending

Patience Pending 
(Photo: Jon Van Gilder) 
      In Spring 2009, in Freeport, Il, Andrew Dorsey (vocals) and Austin Collins (guitar) joined forces and started a blues and jazz band during a fine arts competition. Austin's brother, Andrei Collins (keys), joined soon after, as did, Caleb Hanson (bass) and then drummer, Laurent. Shortly after forming, the band realized that they weren't exactly a blues band anymore, causing the band to shift over onto the more fitting alternative rock genre.

      Patience Pending has accomplished a lot in a few short years and with God on their side, it's easy to see the band progressing forward in the near future. The band, which sometimes sings about faith and religion, wants to reassure everyone that they are much more than a 'Christian band.' 

      "We want to be able to play and share our music and faith through examples or words, in any venue, and when you hear the phrase 'Christian band' a secular venue is going to think 'oh gosh, here comes a buncha goody two-shoes who are gonna sing kum by ya and make us hold hands'" says the band. "Thats not what we are. We are here to rock your faces off, and if you hear about Jesus in the process, well thats awesome. We don't want to just be called a "Christian Band" because that can incorrectly describe sound. "Christian Melodic Hardcore" or "Christian Metal" is fine because that's exactly what we are."

      In late November of '09, the band decided to participate in Crave Student Ministries' Battle of the Bands. There, the band won "Pastor's Choice." Unfortunately, in the summer of 2010. Laurent had to part ways with the band. Joseph Nagel, who left his previous band, offered his services and from there, the band made another slight shift in genre, leaning towards the wonderful world of melodic hardcore.

Patience Pending playing live
      In November 2010, Gabrielle Zittle joined the band as an additional vocalist. The band went on to win several competitions and awards including "Audience Choice" at the 2010 Crossroads Battle of the Bands and first place in both the Christian Band and Contemporary Instrumental categories of the 2011 state level fine arts competition (which was Joe Fry's first show with the band as rhythm guitarist.)

      The band tries to keep their sound fresh and likes to use variety. If they want to venture into punk rockish sounds, they will. If the band wants songs filled with breakdowns and dissonant chords, again they will have it. They just like to push the melodic hardcore genre to it's limits and back again. 

      The band sometimes gets criticism about being a hardcore band with no screaming vocals. The band gave a fairly honorably reply when asked about the kind of criticism they receive. "We get both extremes. I think that its important to take it all with a grain of salt, and not let good criticism get to your head or bad get you down. We are what we are, we love it, and we hope you do too."

      Check out the band's Facebook! Also, show the band support this Friday, May 13th as they play with Prepare for Glory at the Park Hills Youth room in Freeport, IL.

Patience Pending
(Photo: Jon Van Gilder)

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