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Friday, April 15, 2011

Feckbawlz Fest 2011

Who is this drummer? Let me know!
Photo: Mason Lovell
      Later next month, the 2nd annual Feckbawlz Fest will take place at The Lodge. What does this mean exactly? It means you get to see eleven local hardcore bands for $12 at the door. It also means opportunities to support the local music scene. The bands will have merchandise and food will be available for purchase. Bringing money for food and refreshments is highly recommended, considering the show lasts over 9 hours.

      Feckbawlz Fest was created last October by Mason Lovell and Justina Jackson, local supporters of the equally local hardcore music scene. Mason describes Feckbawlz as "A show where the biggest names in the local underground music scene come together for a day, to do what they love, and to spread their music to everyone willing to listen."

      The first Feckbawlz Fest took place at Mason's home at the time. The majority of the bands played on the back patio, with the final two bands playing in the garage. Between 50 to 60 people showed up to show their support. "Most of the people, I didn't know," says Mason,"I met a lot of new people." The small house show was considered a success.

Nate of A Journey to Fall at last year's show.
Photo: Mason Lovell
      According to Lovell, so many of the attendees asked him to do it again, that he decided to make it an annual occurrence. So this year, Mason has returned as promised. With some help from friend, Anna Jafari, he was able to book the show at The Lodge, a venue located near the Rockford Airport. "They (The Lodge) host a lot of shows that always have an insane turn out." Says Mason, "I trust Anna with this, I know it'll be an amazing turn out."

      When asked if he had thrown any other shows, aside from FeckBawlz, and if he had any future plans to do so, Mason replied, "As of now, I haven't thrown any shows. Besides helping a few friends throw birthday shows when they ask for help. I hope to make a career out of this, it's so much fun to see what a few months of hard work can do."

      Mason is very confident that Feckbawlz Fest 2011 will have a larger turnout than last year and that the people that attend will not be disappointed. 

      Some of the bands scheduled to play this year's Feckbawlz include Another Hero DiesA Journey to FallMICAWBER, and In The Year of The Plague (full list on the Facebook event page)


(Originally posted on Examiner)

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