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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Journey To Fall

A Journey To Fall
Photo: Courtesy of AJTF
      A great deal of the local hardcore enthusiasts already know a bit about A Journey To Fall, The 5-piece band of friends have been doing quite a bit since their their first EP. Their sound is a combination of emo, screamo, metal and some hardcore elements. 
      "Our music tends to be about life experiences." Says the band vocalist, Nate Gustafson. "(Our) goal as musicians has always been to write lyrics that the listener really relates to and connects with. If you can take something from our lyrics that means alot to you then we've accomplished our goal." In January of 2010, the band recorded their first EP titled, We Watched It End. And in the early summer of '10 They started recording their full length album, Remember What Got Us Here.
Nate Gustafson performing at a show
Photo: Brianna L. Hooker
      The band has played more shows than they can even remember. But do they get sick of it? Apparently not, when asked about long term goals, the band responded, "Just to keep playing shows, reaching as many ears as we can, and hopefully touching some lives as well! Every kid in a band dreams of getting big. Of course that's always in the back of (our) minds, but ultimately, (We're) just happy to be doing what (we) love with the best friends we've ever had."
      The friends came together in late fall of '09. Nate had been friends with Morgan. And after moving back to town from Madison, Wis. Morgan talked him into coming to jam some stuff out with Ryan and they clicked musically. Shortly after, they parted ways with original frontman, Bobby, and brought Tarek into the mix. They brought Bobby back to play bass, but the relationship dissolved again by April. He was replaced with Gage almost immediately after, They finally had a solid line up that worked increasingly well together.
A peek at the band's intense performance
Photo: Brianna L. Hooker
      So what does the name A Journey to Fall mean? "The name is a metaphor for life. Negative? Maybe. But realistic? Yes, especially with our lyrical content. Our music really focuses on the negative side of life, and I think it's good that our name reflects that." Says Nate. 
      The band is currently writing and recording their next full-length album titled, Rebirth. If things go as planned, you can see AJTF play Pajama Jam 2011, Also, you can find them playing Feckbawlz Fest next month!

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