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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Witness The Burning: A New Chapter EP debut today

originally posted 4/22
Witness The Burning
Photo: Courtesy of Witness The Burning

      Witness The Burning, a 5-piece Hardcore/Metalcore band from Rockford is just about ready to burst at the seams with the debut of their EP, A New Chapter, tomorrow.

      The band members range in age from 18-26 and the name came from Josh Cofield (guitar). The band, unable to come up with a band name that really stuck, agreed on the name after having come up with and disliking previous name.

      Scottie Snow, the band screamer, joined Cofield, Brandon Worley(bass), and Josh Creviston(drums) who had been in the band, Aftermath. "When (Aftermath) seperated, we brought in Scott on vocals and started writing music.

      "Scott likes to focus about us being guys trying to find a better life though our music, being a better person, staying positve and not giving up on life even when your in the darkest corners of your life." Says Creviston. "We like to think that even our music tells a story, theres many changes and ups and downs in our music and we feel we try to blend all of our very different influences and make it one polished product."

Scottie Snow
Photo: Courtesy of Witness The Burning
      The band's first show went a lot better than expected. "Everyone nailed the songs and the crowd reaction was very good." Says Creviston.

      Prior to joining the band, the members had fairly good music experience. "Crevy was a drummer for about 2 years with a recent Rockford band called 'Drop Faith' and around that time Brando was playing bass for a band called 'Reamer', this is how Crevy and Brando met. Cofield has played for years and dabbled in many projects and Scottie Snow use to be the vocalist for 'Reckless Redemption' with whom are good friends with WTB and still share the stage with." Says the band.

      With only 3 shows as Witness The Burning. the plan hopes to get many more shows done and with the release of the EP tomorrow, they hope to garner some attention and get their name out. They would Love to see WTB go as far as possible.

Scottie Snow
Photo: Courtesy of Witness The Burning
      "We love our music and all the work that comes along with it, we are willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes, all we ask, is that you listen." Says Creviston.

      Find the band on Facebook, and don't forget to see them tomorrow, April 23rd (Today!) with SOIL at Bar 3 in Rockford! The band will also be playing Feckbawlz Fest '11 and Knockout Mayhem 5.


(Originally posted on Examiner)

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