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Saturday, April 23, 2011

From The Mire @ Mediocre Saturday!

I had a chance to talk to Brenden Carter, Drummer of From The Mire just a few hours before Mediocre Saturday at the Park Hills Church in Freeport! A 45 minute drive from the greater Rockford area.

Q.) Hey man! How's the show going? Have you guys played yet?
A.) Hey! Well, The show hasn't started yet, but doors open at 7:30, and the first band, Prepare For Glory, starts at 8. We'll go on shortly after their set. Probably around 8:45.

Q.) Awesome, man! Are you guys excited? Any pre-show rituals?
A.) Soo excited. Pre-show rituals for us are..praying, stretching, pooping, and just gettin psyched for the show.

Q.) Is the pooping thing Clayton's response? That kid is weird. How long of a set are you guys playing?
A.) (laughs) Yeah, pretty much. Cool guy though. We're playing 8 songs, so probably 45ish minutes.

Q.) Any crazy after party? Or are you more of a pizza place kinda band?
A.) Neither really, we usually just chill and talk about how the show went. We're normally too tired to do much after the shows.

Q.) I can imagine! (laughs) Well, you guys have a great show! Anything you wanna say to everyone who might see this?
A.) Thanks! And..thanks for actually taking time read this. Go like our page if you want to, if you don't that's cool too. Be blessed everyone! And thanks Joe!

That was From The Mire drummer, Brenden Carter at the Park Hills Church in Freeport, IL (map). Not too far from the greater Rockford area! Follow the band on Facebook! (Do it!) And find future From The Mire updates here on Uncharted Music News!


(Originally posted on  Examiner)

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