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Thursday, April 21, 2011

From The Mire

From The Mire
Photo: Dawn Zuberbuhler

      Earlier this year, local area band, From The Mire won Bands' favorite at the Battle of the Bands at the Crossroads Community Church. If you think the band plans to stop there, you've got another thing coming.

      The band consists of Ron Oxley(vocals), Brendan Carter(drums), Derek Czysz(guitar), Clayton Reeser(guitar) and Zech Wilkenson(bass). "Ron asked me if i wanted to start a band, to which I replied, 'Heck yeah!'. And I knew Derek and Clayton played guitar so i asked them if they wanted to join. And Zech came along shortly after when we realized we needed a bassist." Says Brendan.

      The band only has ten shows to their name, but have already opened fo Sent By Ravens, a band signed by Tooth and Nail Records.

      Influenced by bands like A Hope For Home, The Chariot, UnderOATH, and old Showbread. The band maintains a punk/hard rock sound. "We tend to be less 'Metal' than most bands in the genre. We try to think outside the box with syncapations, different chord progressions, and thought-provoking lyrics." Says Brendan. "Brendan refuses to use double-bass." Adds Derek.

      When asked about releases, Clayton replied," I released a poop earlier." Derek, quick to recover, said,"We recorded a few songs, poorly, to hand out on a demo, but we have changed a lot since then, so we don't have those songs out anymore." Derek

From The Mire
Photo: Dawn Zuberbuhler
      So where does the name come from? And who came up with it? "Read Psalms 40:2. There's your answer" Says Derek.

      At their first show, The band ate an entire loaf of bread because they were all hungry. Derek explains,"(It was) probably because of nerves. Then we played, and it went a lot better than we all expected, and was really fun." Their last show, at New Life Church in Pecatonica, brought in about 55 people.

      While Brendan hopes for a record deal from Come and Live, and to stay focused on God. Derek chooses a simpler path when deciding long term goals. "Do good."

      The band has their 11th show on April 23rd (That's Saturday!) at Park hills Church!

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(Originally posted on Examiner)

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