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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boxcuttaz Music: Hip-hop does Rockford some good

Boxcuttaz Logo

      "We are about progression and positivety," Begins Linden Eason, co-owner of local music label, Boxcuttaz Music. "We all come from different backgrounds, some better than others, but we all connected to pursue what we love most and that's music. We all love to entertain. We are about bringing some more notoriety to Rockford in a good way."

      Linden has multple roles in the growing label. Apart from being co-owner, Linden is Chief Executive of Operations. "I oversee everything from top to bottom," says Linden, "I am an artist as well, so it's a tremendous task." Renaldo Cooper, co-owner, on the other hand, does a little more ground work. "I coordinate studio times to record the artists, produce some of the projects released, and manage each artist’s marketing and release plan."

      The music label started on New Years, 2009. "Well, Linden and I met each other via a mutual friend that knew we both were trying to build music labels." Says Renaldo. "Linden was a respected local DJ and I was coordinating studio time and music for some of the rap artists in the area." 

      "I was trying to do some new things musically and he introduced me to Renaldo and we had similiar vision." Adds Linden. "I had my own music team and he had his own group of artists. From there we decide to merge both together and Boxcuttaz Music was created."

      The name itself is an allusion to the saying 'thinking outside of the box'. "It means think outside of the box even if that means you have to go through it." Says Linden. "(We) came up with the name after watching a satirical version of an old martial arts film. Symbolically, BoxCuttaz represents the breaking out of the norm; bringing something new to the mundane. It’s being outside the box." Continues Renaldo.

      The label has done a few things for the community thus far. At the label events, they encourage everyone to bring canned goods, even going as far as giving a discount in exchange for donating a canned good. The canned goods, as well as some of the event proceeds, get donated to the Rockford Rescue Mission. "(We) are firm believers in self-growth, and respect for others, as well as the art one practices. We are constantly fighting for the bettering of Rockford schools and dwindling after-school programs. Our community’s students deserve the best."

      The Boxcuttaz Music roster consists of Rude Pillz (Renaldo Cooper), A.Teknopolis (Anthony Hunt), Gee The 6th Man (Gregory Yokley), Dizzy Delta (DelRashawn Boykins), Gamoliel (Jay Benford), Ayngel Halow (Zachary Coble), Toven (Karis Coble), and Pyce Wilson (Linden Eason). "We also have two experienced R&B singers that will be heard by the public soon." Says Renaldo.

      Here are some upcoming events to mark on your calender. May 7th is the Mayday Mayhem emcee battles presented by Battlefest and BoxCuttaz. It will be held at the Pirate Ninja Print Shop, located at 400 East State Street in Rockford, Illinois. Admission is $5, but if you bring a canned good, $1 will be knocked off your admission price. It’s a great and entertaining event and encourages everyone to join in as they build up Rockford as well as Rockford Hip-Hop. 

      Also, don't forget to follow Boxcuttaz Music on Facebook! Learn more about BoxCuttaz Music at @boxcuttazinc #TeamWilson  


(originally posted on Examiner)

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