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Monday, May 16, 2011

Still The Sky

Still The Sky

      Still The Sky, Rockford metalcore band, formed in October of 2010. The band consists of Tarek (vocals), Brett (synth/samples/vocals), Dustin (guitar/programming), Travis (guitar), and Tony (bass/vocals).

      The band started when Dustin and a friend were playing in his basement. Travis was first to join and the drummer they were playing with was the first to quit. Travis and Dustin had no interest in stopping there, so they called upon Josh (formerly of Mariana) to play drums so that they could continue working on songs. Tony (formerly of The Rage Inside) and Austin (formerly of Mariana) met them at a get-together and somehow, they all ended up jamming together and joining the band.

      Then drummer, Josh, left the band for numerous reasons after tensions arose between the band as they searched for a bassist.The band was at the very end of their rope and everyone started fearing for the worst. Just as the band was considering calling it quits, they received a surprise phone call from band friend, Tyler, a talented drummer, who took up the position. Tony moved to bass and the band started making music again.

      Soon, Austin would leave the band and Tarek (drummer for A Journey To Fall) would take his place as the lead vocalist. "Tarek's vocals definitely brought alot to the table. His vocals bring the calm to the music. But it's great because he also has a powerful scream." Says the band. After joining the band, Tarek felt the band needed some synths so he brought in Brett, who would go on to wing it at his first show. He has been with the band since. Brett will also contribute more vocals in the newer music.

Tour Flyer
      When asked about their music, the band replied "Our music is intended to make you feel the basic emotions. Happiness, love, hate, sadness, and apathy. Because music to us is more than something you listen to. It's something you want to feel." The band has no interest in being the poster child for metalcore. "We live for music. It's what we love, and it's what we will continue to always have in our life. So why not make the best of it while we have it? We're not wanting to be your average "Oh hey dude check out this breakdown!", or "Look at these really high vocals!". We want a dreamy upbeat sound that can effect you emotionally, and that's precisely what we're going for."

      The band went on to win the 104.9 Battle of the Bands, held in downtown Freeport and plan to do some early summer touring with A Journey to Fall and Circuits to help promote their upcoming EP, Something Devious Is Upon Us.

      The EP has been confirmed to be a concept album that won't disappointed.  According to the band, the EP tells the "underlying story of a man's insane life. Finding new love, suffering through a broken heart, turning into a murdering cannibal, and living as an old man regretting the mistakes he's made." says the band.

      Check out the band's Facebook and keep a lookout for their EP this summer! The band will be playing lots of shows and you can catch them touring with A Journey to Fall and Circuits!


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