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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Uncharted Battlefest Highlight: Spud


      Having just won his second battle in Forest City's own Midwest Battlefest, Spud is working on a new mixtape, Graduation, due June 5th. The mixtape is a follow up to his last mixtape titled, Cram Session. Graduation, will have a 'high school' theme, which includes flashbacks and everything.
      The Mixtape will showcase Spud's own GOBLIN camp and a few other hopefuls. "Anyone that wants to be on it can just hit me up"    

      Spud aquired his odd nickname through a chain of funny stories. It began when his father nicknamed him 'Sputnik' after being born in the same year as the russian satellite. His uncle called him Spud instead of Sputnik and it stuck. It's a name that he enjoys because it gives him the comfortability and coonfidence he needs to use the spud for more serious uses.

       Spud's first ever battling event took place fairly recently in March at Battlefest Presents: March Massacre 2 (Shout out to, Blaze!) "My first battle was against Baby Ben, it went great. I got a comanding w. Before the battle, I was just in my own corner, thinking, getting over the nerves. I was quiet most of the time. I talked to Rude Flow and Dijion some. During the battle, I wasn't really thinking. It was like pure instinct. I knew bars and I delivered them like a robot on a task. (Laughs) After, it was great! My hands had stop sweating and I caught a lot of people by suprise, that was a good feeling. I could get comfortable and speak to people" Says Spud.

      Spud's music is about all the things he has seen and experienced. A lot of high school experiences and getting through the challenges.

      "I have a couple producers and numerous beats from fellow student, producer/rapper, Jdoug." Says Spud about his new mixtape, Graduation, coming out June th. "I got Anthony Dismuke, who produced beats for fellow GOBLIN camp artists, Ash-tre. I'm looking foward to getting produced by several members from the BXC camp. Right now, I'm just gathering to make Graduation the best that I can" says Spud.


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