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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding Eden

Finding Eden
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      In less than a year, Marysville, the small Michigan town 45 minutes northeast of Detroit, home of Every Avenue, has revived it's music scene and is bigger than ever! One key component to the revival is the amazing support of the local music enthusiasts. Finding Eden, local post-hardcore band, is very glad to have helped rebuild the scene and says they couldn't ask for a better local fanbase.

      The band consists of Dave Kessler (vocals), Mike Obdziejewski (keyboard), Brendan Tunrbull (rhythm guitar), Erik Steele (lead guitar), Pat Ulrich (bass) and Brent Gates (drums).

      Finding Eden released their debut EP, Lies Lead To Heartache, on March 26, 2010 and have plans to release their next EP, Autonomy, next month. The band insists that their latest EP is far better than there first attempt. "Our new E.P. Autonomy is 10 times better in my opinion. We have grown so much as a band over the last year. I dont think one song on the Lies Lead to Heartache EP is half as good as our new songs." Says Brendan Turnbull, the band's rhythm guitarist.

      Most of the band has been friends for years. They all have much love for music and take pride in their 'outside-the box' sound. "We have a lot of faith in each other." Says the Band.

      A friend of the band introduced the band to online radio DJ, DJ Deadboy, who put them on regular rotation on his radio show and because of the band's buzz in Michigan, 89X Radio Detroit contacted the band and put them on regular rotation. Also, New York City based e-magazine, Rockhard Magazine, featured the band in the e-zine ln March 29th, 2010, a day after they released their first EP. Give the band great exposure. In the same month, the band won a contest hosted by which the band won in a landslide. The same site also featured the band as the 'Spotlight Band' for that month. "It was pretty awesome we got a lot of new fans from all over the US, UK & Canada."

Finding Eden
      Apart from the long and impressive resume comes the band's stage performance, which is equally impressive. With close to 200-300 people showing up to local shows, The band must be doing something right. "We go all out, everytime we touch the stage. Always have, always will! We try to give the fans their money's worth. its important to us to make sure everyone has a great time." The band opened for Hawthorne Heights last summer in Mt. Clemens, MI at The Hayloft and the show was sold out. "The line seemed to go on for days. So after we loaded our equipment, we went out to meet and greet people. After all, we all know what its like standing outside trying to get into a show in the Summer!"

      Don't forget to like the band on Facebook and keep an eye out for their EP, Autonomy, which should be out next month! They will be booking shows out of state to try and boost their fanbase. Look for them around the Midwest! And of course, vote the band to play warped tour this summer!


Finding Eden - "From Rags to Riches" - Autonomy EP

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