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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Through The Static

    Through The Static is an all-female (almost) pop-punk band out of Long Island, NY. The band came together in October 2007 and got their name at random, through a band vote.
    After deciding on the name, the band tok time to figure out why it was a good fit for the band. "Static is pertaining to a fixed or stationary condition or showing little or no change. If you are through the static, you are vulnerable to change. The daily grind or a routine everyone goes through on a day to day basis can be described as static, if you break this cycle, you become through the static. It also is a statement against the media and technology's firm grip on society today. Don't listen to or watch the static on the TV and turn into a drone, break through the static and explore the world around you. Ask questions and discover the truth and yourself in the process.
Through the Static means you are breaking the status quo and doing the unexpected. By being an all girl band, we are breaking the status quo and doing the unexpected."

    According to the girls, Long Island has a generally good scene for lots of genres, frm hardcore to pop-punk. "long island has a generally good music scene for every genre, you just gotta know where to look. There many great bands that have came and continue to come out of long island: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Patent Pending, The Movielife, Soldiers, This is Hell, Bomb the Music Industry etc. etc. The one scene that I think is struggling here is Ska."
    The band plays local shows at The Wave in Patchogue where the band actually started. They even play a few hardcore shows at Sinclair's Pub. "We play all over the island, as much as possible."
(Photo: Brianna Perciallia)
    Originally, the band was more of a cover band and consisted of comopletely different members with the only common demoninator being Jess Fresh, the band's songwriter, guitarist and vocalist.
    After several member changes and a debut EP, the band is still incomplete. Although the band has a fantastic fill-in drummer, Anthony Corso, whose only fault is being male. The band hopes to find another female guitarist as well as a female drummer. The current line-up consists of Jess Fresh, Amie Bernstein (vocals/songwriter), Kashmir Manas (Bass), and fill-in Anthony Corso.
    The band very much enjoys playing all kinds of shows. "We book wherever and whenever we possibly can. We love playing shows and try to play as much as possible to get people to listen to our songs. We try to give a lot of energy at our shows. A good time should always be expected at one of our gigs. We dance, jump and f*ck around a lot. Guarantee we will make you laugh with us or at me." Says Jess.
(Photo: Brianna Perciallia)
    The conception of the band's debut EP, We Can Do It!, was far from smooth. The girls were ripped off by someone who was supposed to be their friend. The band recorded three songs and the band was charged $10/hour and was charged a ridiculous amount for mixing, which they were not present for. "We ended up paying for two songs and self-produced one of the tracks ourselves. We ended up sending him a professional letter basically explaining that he did a sh*t job and that if this is what he wants to do with his life, he shouldn't produce sub-par work and then put his name on it. Needless to say, my friend doesn't talk to me anymore, and he's still recording bands."
    The band picked the three songs, "Chestnut Ave.", "S.G.R." & "Mars", specifically because they were the first three songs they had written together as a band. "All of the tracks on the E.P. all stand out from each other. One is very upbeat, catchy & straightforward, the other is more hardcore influenced with a breakdown, and the last track is a very downbeat, slow, & alternative-stadium rock like. The overall sound probably shows our major influences all sliced up into three different songs. You throw that all together in a blender, you get Through the Static."
    According to the band, WCDI! was a sort of sampler of what the band could do as well as a call to arms to female musicians. "'We Can Do It!' was a quote used on a Rosie the Riveter poster, and that's where the idea was inspired from." After the EP's release in early April 2011, it received decent feedback in it's first weeks. It would again resurface after being featured on the blog, Idle & The Bear during the summer.
    The girls hope to record a full-length in the near future and also hope to solidify their line-up. "There are 16 songs written. I know our fans have been dying for some new music from us and I apologize - you can expect some self-produced tracks up soon. We have been spending time redoing our studio room and have been slacking on the music. You can be sure that our full length will be out before the end of the year. I'm going to shoot for spring, if not earlier. We are also being featured on a local TV station. We hope to record a music video once the album comes out, and tour during the summer!"

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