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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Jealous Sea

    Since their formation in April 2011, Boston rock band The Jealous Sea has racked up quite the stats card. With only 11 shows, the band has been featured in the June issue of Alternative Press, been featured on several radi shows including the iDobi Radio's The Gunz Show, DJ RossStar's Punk Rock Show, and AOL Music's Featured Artist.
    "AltPress was awesome! Everyone over there was super cool, incredibly supportive of the band. They were our first press, and they actually printed us before we had even released a song. Pretty surreal to open up a magazine I read ever since I was a kid and see my own face staring back at me." Says band guitarist and vocalist, Mathew David.
(Photo: Charles Saulters II)
    The band's name is a play on a line in the Fall Out Boy song,"Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today". The line is "On the drive home, we'll joke about the kid you used to see, and his jealousy". The band name is a nod to Fall Out Boy, since the band's a fan.
    The band very much enjoys their local Boston scene. "The music scene in Boston is awesome, we love it here. We're very locally active. On top of playing shows in Boston, I also book shows all around New England for other bands, as well as book tours for other bands, so it's definitely a great way to feel like I am contributing and giving back to the scene that gave me a start." Says Mathew.
    The formation of the band began when Mathew was helping his former band mate, John Maxwell, record some solo recordings. John and some of his band mates liked the sound and all agreed to join the band. "I was working on The Jealous Sea right at the very beginning. They all liked them so I stole his entire band. Fact." Jokes Mathew.
    Mathew describes the band's sound elegantly when asked to. "The Jealous Sea sounds like eating a crate of pop rocks mixed with a gallon of soda, spinning around on a tire swing for 10 minutes, and then chasing the ice cream man. The only ongoing theme in the band is that if Tom's Mom was an animal, she would be a total fox."
(Photo: Charles Saulters II)
    Early on, the band released their EP Everything and Anything. "The EP has a very upbeat feel to it, and that's really what I wanted - songs that were fun to play live. Three quick songs that leave people wanting more, as opposed to 10-12 tracks with some filler in there just to say that we put out a "full length". Classic rock and roll guitar tones, great vocal harmonies and a guitar solo make for a really fun, summer style EP"
    The EP was produced by John Naclerio who has worked with bands like My Chemical Romance, and Brand New. "John is great! I've worked with him before, and I love doing vocals with him. He's just really comfortable, and I think the true skill in a producer is to get a band to relax, and he can really do that. The working environment was total 'no stress' atmosphere, and a lot of fun. If I was having trouble singing a part in the vocal booth, he'd give me a hard time, tell me to grow a set of balls and sing it like a man, and things like that just kind of break the tension of, "Oh man, this is our first release and I want everything to be 250% perfect"
(Photo: Taylor Foiles)
    Luckily for the band, they got lots of attention, whether it be AltPress or the numerous radio features and interviews. The band has also had the privilege of playing with several of the biggest names in the music scene today.
    "I've never really played with a bigger band and thought "What a bunch of jerks!" There are always those one or two people but everyone has been great so far. Didn't really get to interact with The Maine when we supported them because it was a college show, very public environment, so we just didn't have any downtime with them, but playing a couple dates with Sparks The Rescue was great, nicest dudes ever, such a hard working band. And Hey Monday were total sweethearts! Got to chat with their drummer Pat for a bit who was real down to earth, and Cassadee Pope is every bit as sweet as you'd think she would be. It's just really an honor and a pleasure to share the stage with bands who are killing it right now and doing big things. Makes me want to step our game up and get to that level!" Says Mathew.
    The band will continue writing and are considering some northeast touring in the coming months. "we're really trying to put together songs for a new release so that's the main focus."

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