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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


    Taking their name from the famous Disney song,"Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah", post-hardcore band, MyOhMy has been playing shows across Dekalb, Rochelle, Dixon, and beyond. This Midwest 5-piece enjoys the camaraderie of their small local scene, but also enjoy getting out of safe waters when they can. "We come from a very small area, which has its negative effects on the scene, but a certain plus side is the sense of community. I know when I play a show near us that chances are I'll know most of the musicians in each band by name, which isn't Always what you want but it's nice to share the stage with friends and get to hear them play new music.” Says band guitarist, Matt Smith.
    After the split of his not-so-serious band in late 2007, Tim Hernandez (drums) decided he wasn't through with music. He soon called up Matt, who had been in the previous band with him, and he quickly agreed. High school friend, Nate Butler, joined up as the second guitarist and Tim's brother joined on bass in mid 2009. The band began playing shows in early 2010 without a vocalist and at one of the shows they saw Jesse Floto screaming in another band. About a month later Jesse messaged the band on Myspace about being their vocalist and the band was complete.
    Some of the several musical influences include Korn, A Day To Remember, and Of Mice and Men. When making music, the band tries to keep an equal balance of melody and aggression. "We're kinda heavy if you know what I mean. We try to write about overcoming lifetime struggles and prospering in personal gain." Says Jesse.
    Even in the midst of what the band calls a "Zombie Crowd," the band gives the show all they've got. "We just want our fans to have as much fun at our shows as we do. So always expect high energy and pits." Says Tim. The band has played all over, Bars, churches and everything in between. "We play wherever we can fit our equipment. You can expect a very lively performance from us for we don't mess around when we are performing. We get lost into our own world we illustrate for the general public." Says Jesse.
    The band has played with several national touring acts such as Ice Nine Kills, Corpus Christy, The Plot in You, Where The Ocean Meets The Sky, and Another Hero Dies. "Playing with Ice Nine Kills was one of our favorite shows. They were amazing performers as well as individuals. They showed us an attitude we never knew existed. We learn something new every time we play with signed bands." Says the band.
    Soon, the band will release their song,"We've Missed The Waves" which is part of a 5-6 song EP that the band hopes to release once they have the necessary funds. “We are just gonna continue to do what we do. We are going to try to make music that people will come to relate to and take into their hearts. That's what we always wanted to do and we're just gonna keep at it.”
    Check out the band on Facebook and check out their new song "We've Missed The Wave" on October 12th. You can check out the song early on October 6th at midnight on MFN.Heavy.

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