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Monday, October 3, 2011

Farewell. My Love

    Farewell, My Love is a rock band from Pheonix, AZ and they are ready to spread their brand of rock that can only be described as theatrical rock. The music scene in Pheonix is very brad with genres ranging from pop to metalcore. "(The scene) is very different. We like to play live as much as possible but sometimes it's difficult because sometimes the lineups aren't the best fit for our style of music." Says the band.
    The band came together when Caleb and Robby's previous band split up. After the split, Robbie searched for a drummer and was referred to Chad. He soon contacted Caleb for vocals and through other friends, they recruited Gary. Farewell, My Love was born. "We shared the same vision for what we wanted the band to be so we stuck together & that's how it started."
    The band is influenced by many different bands, but all seem to really enjoy music that is passionate and real rock music. The band enjoys making the music they love, but thay also have another motivator. "We started this band to give our fans hope & inspire them to always chase their dreams, no matter how impossible they make seem to achieve. You can't grow old & live with regrets, you have to work hard to make your dreams a reality."
    The band's debut EP, A Dance You Won't Forget was released on August 16th, 2011. They recorded it in Scottsdale, AZ with Connor Hurley at L2 Studios. "We wanted to basically give fans a taste of what is to come off future releases while keeping it as creative & diverse as possible. We want to make sure we're never predictable. Each song on the EP has an attitude of it's own, I think it's up to the listener to decide what exactly that is."
    The EP has gotten positive feedback across the internet. "We've been blown away by how much positive feedback we've gotten from 'A Dance You Won't Forget'. Our fans are the best."
    So what's next for the band? "We're planning on playing some out of stare shows before the year is through. Just expanding our fan base & letting the world know that we are here to stay. We aren't going anywhere."
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