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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Worshyp

    The idea for Toronto metal band, The Worshyp came when Marz Nova was jogging one morning. "I always listen to music when I work out. One day I just could not find any new music that I really wanted to hear, so I thought to myself 'I guess what I want to hear isn’t being made these days, so I’m going to have to write it myself.'" Recalls Nova.
    A few days later, he whipped up a song demo and showed it to friends. One song led to many and after getting a very positive online reception, Nova decided to put a band together. He found both Mig Diablo(bass) and Thor Rune(lead guitar) online via ads. Mig suggested KK Devina as they had played together with Paul Di’Anno.
    Nova decided on the name, The Worshyp because he felt it was a worthy representation of metal fans. "In other genres you are only as big as your latest hit. You’re here today and gone tomorrow. Metal fans follow their favourite bands for life like a priest follows the church."
    The band is influenced by a large range of music, from Rush to Pantera and Black Sabbath to Motorhead. Their sound is a perfect blend of the last 4 decades of hard rock and metal. "Each song offers the listener a totally different experience." Says the Nova. "I think there is certainly both a Canadian and American element to our music."
    Their debut album, Kingdom Earth, was released early January of this year. "Kingdom Earth is a broad scoped album. It has songs that are in-your-face thrash as well as elements of Grunge metal (The Sewers), progressive metal (Crop Circles) and even mainstream commercial heavy rock (The Manic’s Mantra). We did not want to corner ourselves musically and I think we avoided that with Kingdom Earth." Says Nova.
    Evil Abounds, the band's next album, will broaden the band's already broad scope. "There are heavier songs on there as well as our first ballad. I do not believe in “filler” songs and if I write a good song I delete it. I am very fastidious about my song writing. Good is not good enough for The Worshyp. Overall I think the writing, sound quality, vocals and musical performance has been improved greatly from that of Kingdom Earth." The band hopes to release the album some time in 2012.
    With an online following of over 50,000 people, the band couldn't be happier. "The fans have totally blown me away. Getting our logo tattooed on their arms, putting up badges on their profile, buying second and third copies of the CD for their friends. It really has been a surreal 9 months." After the band releases Evil Abounds, they hope to begin touring to support the release.
    Be sure to like the band on Facebook to get all the album and show updates!

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