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Monday, October 17, 2011

Perils Rise

    Perils Rise is a metalcore band out of the small town of Dover Plains, NY. The band formed in August 2010 and took their name from a Devils Wear Prada song lyric. "We chose the name because it reflected what we were going through with the band at the time. By standard definition, peril is a danger spawned by a specific action. We've all taken risks an encountered problems by choosing to put all of ourselves into our music. It seemed fitting." Says the band.
    Unfortunately, Dover Plains is not large enough to have it's own music scene, but the community does give the band lots of support. The band drives nearby to Poughkeepsie and plays shows through Killer Cool Entertainment. "The scene in Poughkeepsie is awesome, people actually care about their local bands. We're a new band around there, but we're quickly becoming part of the family." Says the band.
    The band started in early August without a guitarist, but soon recruited Travis Tompkins after his band broke up. Travis wasn't very interested in the music the rest of the band wanted to make, but brought along his friend Kyle. For a while, it wasn't clear if Travis and Kyle were in the band or not, but soon it became apparent that they were there to stay.
    The members of the band have a diverse music taste and the band itself tries to make music that sounds good. Some influential bands include The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, and Every Time I Die. The group describes their music as metalcore with surprises. "We mix it up a lot from song to song. From a lyrical standpoint, our current release has a very specific theme. It follows the struggle of life and how it is never acceptable to give up. Never give in, keep following your dreams."
    On August 22, 2011, the band released their EP Persevere, Persevere. The EP contained 5 tracks that the band had written over the course of a year. "the sound of the EP changes from song to song. It's pretty crazy. I touched base on the lyrical meaning of the album, but to really understand you would have to read the lyrics of each song. It's a journey in every sense of the word. All in all, we couldn't be more proud with how everything came out."
    Currently, the band is working on writing their debut full-length album. "Things have been a bit busy for us with a few important shows coming up, but it's going pretty well so far. We have some rough ideas that you are certainly going to like, and you'll be hearing some things you wouldn't expect from us. At the moment, we're looking to release a single in the next few months."
    Recently, the band's single,"Let's Have A Serious Conversation" reached #1 on the Purevolume metalcore chart. "[It was] mind blowing and such an honor. We did not expect such a huge reaction from the single. And to continually get back to the top with each release was equally as mind blowing every time. Our fans are the absolute best."
    The band will continue playing several local shows while they focus on writing the album. "Expect some lineup changes around December due to Travis' unfortunate departure for the Navy. And if all goes according to plan, expect to see us touring to a city near you starting Summer 2012!"

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