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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Streets Ahead

    In Bedford, NH, you'll find optimistic alternative indie rock band, Streets Ahead, which came together in October 2010. The band decided on their name because it implies looking forward towards the future and the band likes to keep an optimistic view.
    Bedford recently built a high school in town and the band played the high school's Battle of the Bands. "It's all really new and traditions are kind of in the works. We did play a show at our school's student run lock-in and also the poetry night, so I guess we are pretty involved when people need a band for a school function. Aside from that though, most of our shows have been at least 20 minutes away from home."
    Cara Bernard (vocals) and Miranda Sealander (drums) were in a rock cover band together, which was made up of trumpet players from the school's marching band. It wasn't until they found guitarist, Matt Cambria and bassist, Dylan Kiely that the band branched away from the cover band and started writing original music as Streets Ahead.
(Photo: Rene Morrison)
    Each of the members have different influences from Paramore to Radiohead and Muse to Johnny Foreinger. With such broad influences, the band naturally hass a broad sound. The band writes with emotions and write music based on how they feel, not how they want to sound.
    When it comes to playing shows, the band puts on an energetic set. They enjoy jumping around on stage and just having a fun performance. " We try to keep an open invitation for the audience to join in since that is generally why people go to concerts, to have fun."
    The band released the Open Doors On Sinking Ships EP in early March 2011, and it was the band's first recording. "it was all kind of a bit of a learning experience. At the time we recorded it, we were still growing as a band and still trying to find our sound. The songs all kind of have a theme of reflecting on past mistakes and learning from them and using them to build a brighter future. The overall sound is a bit more mellow than our current set list."
(Photo: Rene Morrison)
    Currently, the band is working on their next ep. "We have grown a lot as a band since our last EP and improved our musical abilities. Me and My Affections has a darker, yet more energetic sound. We are all really happy with the outcome and feel that it represents what you'll hear from our band much better than our last EP."
    With all the band members away at college, the band is writing music seperately. Once the band is on break, they will try to squeeze in as many shows as they can. Be sure to check out the band on Facebook for EP updates and more!

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  1. I play bass actually. Jeff left over last summer. Wooo!