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Friday, October 14, 2011


    After several false starts and blunders, post-hardcore band, Curses were fed up and decided their musical ventures were cursed, hence the name. The band feels the name is also fitting because they believe that everyone has a curse. "Everyone has their cross to carry, their struggles, and things holding them back but, like us, you've gotta overcome it." Says the band. "We want to help people believe in themselves. These kinds of attitudes are what turn heads around, attract attention and get everyone speaking."
    This Coachella Valley band has been dormant for about two years. The band has not played a show since 2009 due to their lack of a vocalist. Their vocalist, Rocky Thunders, lives in San Diego and both David Ceballos(bass) and Emmanuel Beltran(guitar) live in Coachella Valley. The band is slowly, but surely working on their new EP. Once it's complete they will focus on playing shows to try and get their name out there.
    Coachella Valley's music scene is fairly active, with many bands of many genres including indie, psychobilly/rockabilly, punk, and alternative, but according to the band, metal is lacking. "With Curses we are thinking big. We really believe in our songs and in the impact that we could have. As far as being involved in the scene of the valley, we are. Since is not a big scene, we know most people involved in music. We help planning shows and sometimes we even let borrow our gear. I am really interested in recording and producing, so after our EP is done I would like to help other upcoming bands from the valley record their music." Says Ceballos.
    Emmanuel and David met through David's cousin and quickly hit it off because they shared music taste. "We liked Glam/Hair/Sleazy metal like Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat, La Guns, etc. but Mani and I were also into the new wave
metalcore/post-hardcore music so we started jamming." Says Ceballos. The band searched for a vocalist for a long time and finally met Rocky at a party. "I noticed he had a motley crue shirt and cowboy boots on so I asked what he played; after he said he was a vocalist we agreed to practice. The funny thing is that in that party everybody hated Mani because he was wearing sunglasses at night. Rocky was one of those people, and he showed up to practice not knowing he was the guitarist." Recalls Ceballos.
    The band describes their sound as dark and raw, with glam and 80's influences. "Powerful lyrics that are about real and relate-able themes. We don’t have a specific recurring theme as a band, but we have a personal experience or a personal feeling embedded in each song. We like to keep lyrics as close to us
as possible because as an audience, you could feel when the lyrics were
written with some passion or feeling behind them"
    With the band's upcoming EP, The Beginning of Something, the band hopes to better polish up their sound, aiming for a better dynamic with a wide variety of sound. "In this EP we have everything from
straight forward songs and structures, to complex songs with tempo and
key changes; from super heavy songs to a new age power ballad; from feel-good kind of songs, to fast tempo head-banging songs, and even with all this variety you can still tell is Curses material." Says the band. After the release of the EP, the band hopes to play more shows to promote the release.

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  1. Curses! is an Electronic music alias of bklyn based Drop the lime... they should probably change their name