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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update: The Return

    Two weeks. Two long weeks. It's been too long. Where did Joe go? Why has he left us? Don't think I didn't imagine what the underground world might have said in my absense. I'm glad to inform you that I have not left you, my dears. I am still here. We hit 10,000 views and all of a sudden I went missing. I'm sorry everyone, but I took a vacation, and then some.
    I believe I owe you guys an explanation, huh? Well, I moved back home to wrapped things up here before I leave the midwest in mid-December. Unfortunately, I left behind an important part of my blogging routine, my USB drive. I asked my family to send it to me via mail, but I have lost hope. I dug through several hundred emails searching for everything I needed. It took lots of time, but I believe I have gotten most everything sorted out.
    Things SHOULD be back to normal, starting tomorrow (Monday). I'm going to start the week off with local band, Sleeze. And some bigger bands later in the week, so follow the Twitter for your lovely update needs. I've decided to do less link whoring and more tweeting. I know how being reminded every hour can be annoying. So, glad to be back doing what I enjoy doing. I shouldn't be disappearing for a long time (at least not until 25,000 views)


P.S. over 800 views in my absence. Wow! 800 views and I wasn't even regularly updating anything, you guys are amazing! xoxo

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