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Friday, September 2, 2011

Pushed Aside

      Hardcore band, Pushed Aside formed in 2008 and has since been playing shows in the Cincinnati area. The band's name is a representation of how the band feels seperated from the "norm" of society. "We think differently from other people. We have different ideas about things, and we hate a lot of things."
      Brother's Aaron and Dillon Arnett started the band because they just wanted to create music. The current line-up consists of Dillon Arnett (guitar), Aaron Arnett (vocals), Keanon Montgomery (bass) and Joe Oakley (drums).
      For a brief period, the band broke up. The band's former drummer stopped caring about the band and the Arnett brothers were caught up in school and work. When they started missing playing shows, they contacted Joe Oakley about playing drums and the band reformed in May 2011.
      The band is influenced by bands like No Warning and Terror. "We basically just play hard music. We mostly just talk about our personal feelings which are usually about things we don't like."
      Check out Pushed Aside and be sure to like their Facebook!

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