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Monday, September 19, 2011


    In December of 2009, through herbal influences, the band Sleeze joined forces to create a hard and mostly dangerous sound. This Rockford band has been around for over two years and have still managed to keep their music honest and BS free.
    The band describes their sound as disgusting, careless and violent. The band prides itself in it's performance. "There is no typical band performance with sleeze, expect the unexpected." Says the band.
    The band's upcoming Ep is different from their previous releases due to member changes as well as improved drumming and more soul. The band insists that "it's still Sleeze." "(We've) just taken the next step up, we're growing."
    Through their music, the band gives off the message to "Live your life with no limitations and to live like you're dieing, slip her the tongue." Check out the band's Facebook!


  1. dying was spelled wrong. editor be slackin. mad love for my guys from sleeze. you rock bros.

  2. you guys rock lov you

  3. Herbal influences hell yeah!