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Friday, September 23, 2011

My Own Chaos

    "Every single one of us seems to have our own glitches, our fears, our phobias, mainly our own personal chaos that get in the way of our everyday existence." Says Vancouver metal band, My Own Chaos. "Chaos is all around us. It is a way of life."
    The band came together a few years ago, back in 2008, and got their start in the divided music scene of Vancouver. "The local Vancouver music scene is quite divided compared to most cities across the country. In Victoria for instance, you see the punk guys at the metal show, the metal guys at the punk show, etc. Although diverse, Vancouver seems to be pretty divided in that respect, even according to subgenre.  It would be nice to see it meld together a bit more across genre, but its still a great scene.  Lots of musicians in this city as well. We try to get out and support as many shows as possible"
(Photo: Lisa Bayer)
    Connie Chaos, the band vocalist, and guitarist, Oleg Za worked together in the band Splatter. They decided to start a new music project so they recruited Connie's long-time friend, Eric Wolf, to play bass. Eric brought on guitarist, Alex Dubreuil from Quebec to join the project. The band then turned to show organizer, Steve-O for their drumming needs.
    Collectively, the band's influences range from metal legends like Pantera and Slayer to bands like Nightwish, Otep, and Motorhead. The band creates a heavy and aggresive sound while still keeping it melodic.
(Photo: Lisa Bayer)
    In mid-June, the band released their self-titled album and recieved positive reviews online. "We couldnt be happier with the album.  We wanted that 'big' sound. Its a good feeling to know that people enjoy and relate to what you are creating."
    The album was very personal for Connie, who wrote the album about her divorce. "It is my form of therapy. That was a difficult thing to go through, but this album helped me heal myself. Had I not gone through what I went through, this album would have never existed. There was no way I would have been able to reach deep inside myself and describe exactly what was going on inside my head. I had to take a very honest, deep look within myself which is hard to do for anyone. Everything happens for a reason and I guess this album was it. Sometimes a breakdown can actually be a breakthrough."
(Photo: Lisa Bayer)
    You can find the band playing all kinds of shows. "We tend to fit in with all kinds of acts as our sound is not one specific genre or subgenre.  We like to be all over the place. We also like touring as well. Actually, we kind of prefer being on the road. Its interesting to see how different scenes operate with different people."
    Performances are very high energy and the band very much enjoys involving the audience. "We try to bring the audience into the show and give them what they want. Its not 'our' show, its 'their' show.  We are there to entertain them. If we could live onstage, we would. Set up the cot in the back and wake us up when its go time."
    So what's next for these metalheads? "Aside from world domination? We are heading out in October on a Western Canada/Northern BC tour and currently putting together new material for our 2nd release.  We are currently shopping for a label and considering a possible management deal, but thats all I can say
about that right now." Be sure to like the band's Facebook and to follow their Twitter for tour updates and more!

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