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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Last Autumn and The Fancy Pantaloons! EP

We got to catch up with Uncharted Music News alumni, Tristan Stafford of The Last Autumn! and he talked about his upcoming EP!

How are have you been doing since the last time we talked to you? How are things going?
:Things are going great! I'm finishing up The Fancy Pantaloons! EP, going back Sunday to finish up some vocal parts. Maybe throw in some bass. You know, the works!

Tell us about your success on Purevolume! How were you able to pull it all off? 
:Haha it was 10 days of 100+ straight plays. So it earned me about 1000 plays over all. But some how, I have about 2500 plays! And they also emailed me the other day saying I'd be a featured artist sometime this week.

What can you tell us about the new EP? How many tracks are on it?
:The new EP is going to be all just some super cute songs with alot of emotion tied in with it. It's definitely going to be a good one, for sure. and the main EP will be a 4 song EP and the special edition will be released around Halloween or Early November with one more track entitled TheUmbrellaSong!

Tell us a bit about the songs on the EP. How are they different than previous songs you've done? 
:Well for these new releases, it'll be studio quality and tracked and mastered and stuff. The new songs are going to be totally different! There's some stuff about those Summer romances, some stuff about hot cocoa and coffee, and even a song about a giant bee teaching me things haha. It's definitely a trip.

What's next for your project?
:I'm actually writing two new ukulele songs and going to re-do a few older ones on uke. I'm going to add some electronica/techno elements to see if I can get a totally new sound too! I'm super stoked.

Anything else you'd like to say or address?
:Well that I'm definitely thankful for everything that everyones done for me. Whether it be promoting, or just listening. It's all extremely helpful.

Oh! And that TheFancyPantaloons Drops early October on iTunes for 4.95$ and that comes with 4 songs, and if you pre-order it comes with one other song, and possibly a physical copy. Just message me on here for pre-orders and I'll be stoked to hit people up with it!

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