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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chasing Morgan

    After playing a few shows in the summer of 2010, the Bel Air pop-punk band Breaking The Silence changed their name to Chasing Morgan. "We decided on Chasing Morgan because it was original and unique and also because it has some meaning to us – a meaning that we keep a secret between the band."
    The Bel Air music scene isn't very exciting according to the band. The band puts it bluntly. "There are lots of great talented bands in the area, but not many kids come out to shows. That’s why we tend to play down in Baltimore, the scene there is a bit better. There are lots of people trying to keep the Bel Air music scene alive, but it’s still nothing compared to what it was 2005-2007. Back then there was a HUGE scene here, All Time Low, American Diary, Dropout Year, Sorry for the Silence - a bunch of larger bands came out of that scene."
    A majority of the band has been jamming together since middle school. Darin Reagan(lead guitar), Steve Cross(bass) and Kevin Ambrosich(rhythm guitar) have been playing music together since about the 7th grade. In late 2009, the band was contacted by Mark Weider via Facebook about filling in the vocalist position. The band agreed and soon afterwards, they asked their friend, Brian Lindsey, to play drums. By the summer of 2010, the band was playing shows and taking things seriously.
    The band played the Ernie Ball stage this summer at the Maryland stop of the Van's Warped Tour. "We entered an online contest to play the Ernie Ball stage. People would vote for the bands online, then all the bands with the top 100 votes for each date would get reviewed by judges and 4 out of the 100 were chosen to play. By July we had the 4th most votes in Maryland and a few weeks before the show we were chosen to play. Playing Warped Tour was such an awesome experience for all of us, we got to promote a ton, see a bunch of our favorite bands play and the show went really well. We definitely hope to play warped tour again, hopefully more than just one date next time."
    This November, the band will be opening for legendary punk band, The Misfits, at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD. The band has played with several national acts such as Hawthorne Heights, Vains of Jenna, I Call Fives and more, but have never shared the stage with a band as influential as The Misfits. "We are super stoked for the show especially since we’re taking a small break from shows due to college and to writing new songs, so this show is the next one we have booked. It should be an awesome show!"
    The band has appeared on 98Rock, a local baltimore radio station, on two seperate occasions, both in the summer of 2010 and again in the summer of 2011. "The station has an awesome program called Noise In The Basement where every Sunday they have a few local bands come in and get interviewed and have one of their songs spun on the air. Then the next day those bands play a show at the Quarter in Baltimore."
    During the spring/summer of 2010, the band released several of their early songs in the form of their EP, The Breakfast Special EP. The band admits that the EP lacked direction and that it was mostly immature and simple, but that it was fun, light-hearted pop-punk music. "We wrote a lot of the songs while we were still in high school and before we started playing shows. We recorded it in the winter of 2010 at Orca Sound Studio and we are really happy with how the songs turned out, Our Producer Kevin Johnston did an awesome job and it was a lot of fun to record."
    The band has moved on from high school and have been playing shows for a bit now, they have grown mature so it's only natural to wonder when to expect an album. Although there is no set date, the album will be coming. "Over the past year we have all grown a lot as musicians and song writers. This album will be more mature lyrically and musically. Its going to be a bit more punk then the EP was; more intense, in-your-face punk rock. Right now we have about 4 songs completely written and another 10 or so that we are working on. We will be recording up in New Jersey starting in late November. We are really stoked for this album and we cant wait to record it and get it out there to everyone!"
    This winter, the band is going to be touring the east coast with the band, Random Holiday. "The tour will be called the 'Grandmother got ran over by our van tour' and will start right after Christmas on the 26th in PA then we'll go up north to the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts area then come back to MD to spend the new years at home. The we'll be playing in Maryland on the 1st and in Virginia on the 2nd."
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  1. im digging their stuff. solid band.