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Friday, August 26, 2011


      Eau Claire metal band, Desolatevoid, formed years back in 2002. "In the early days of Desolatevoid, the band was slower, looser, and "stoner" oriented." recalls the band. The band's style changed due to an accident which left original songwriter and guitarist, Patrick Sova unable to play with the band. "Songwriting was taken over by drummer, Tim Smith and the content became more aggresive."
      Mark Stolp took the position as guitarist. "The single guitar configuration has given the band a clear and tight straight-forward sound." The current band line-up consists of Tim Smith (drums), Andy Howard (vocals), Nick Carroll (bass), and Mark Stolp (guitar).
      The band is influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Pantera, and older Metallica. The band describes their sound as a mix between EyeHateGod, Black Flag, Black Sabbath, and Brutal Truth.
      The band plays punk and metal shows and has played with a wide variety of different types of bands. The band has played many venues, from basements to clubs, festivals and even outdoors. Their performances are loud and the band likes to play as loud as they can. "We want our listeners to get as much out of it as we do and be affected in one way or another by the experience."

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