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Monday, August 29, 2011


      Every once in a while, you come across a music project that is unlike anything you're familiar with. Blodravn, the viking metal project of Anthony Riddle is one of those projects.
      The project started when Anthony departed from the band, Kryptik. "it was fun, but we never did agree on the songwriting aspect." Recalls Riddle. He went on to form a solo project, partly because he felt that if he wanted something done right, he'd had to do it himself. Also, finding someone with similar music taste and vision in the area was difficult.

      Since starting the project in December 2010, Blodravn had garnered lots of support online. "I have had awesome feedback from the fans I have gained during the past few months. I am hoping the experience will continue as more people begin to hear about the band."
      Many musical influences range in genre, from death metal to traditional folk. Specific influences include bands like Falkenbach, Amon Amarth, Týr, Korpiklaani, and Eluveitie. "It seems that the main genre to influence me would be traditional folk, whether it be Celtic, Nordic, Sámi, etc. I just like the atmosphere that this music creates." Says Anthony.
      The band's sound can be described as folky and adventurous at times. Other times, you could describe the music as angry and depressing. "It utilizes clean vocals, black metal screams, and even guttural (Demilich style) vocals at times. There is no definite sound description because I model the songs on what I imagine them in my mind. Maybe with the next release the general sound will become more apparent."

      Apart from vocal training, Anthony has no professional music training, but uses a wide range of instruments in his music. "I can play a variety including guitar, flute/tin whistle, piano/keyboard, drums, and vocals. I have never had the patience for being instructed to learn them, I just picked them up and learned them myself. The one exception is that I am in the process of being instructed in vocals, it is the only thing I wish to be instructed in correctly."
      The project hopes to release Words of the High One, Blodravn's first full-length album, in late August or early September. "the full length album wil be featuring seven tracks - five of them between 6 - 9.5 minutes long plus an intro. It focuses mainly on Ásatrú beliefs and the Viking way of life including some texts from the Poetic Edda. I believe the future releases will also focus on this aspect."
      As soon as the album is released, Anthony will quickly begin work on the next album, which has the possibility of being released within the 6 months following the first album. "I already have many of the general melodies in mind. I also hope to get a live line-up together this fall and play shows until next spring."

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