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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stranger Stranger

      Louisiana rock band, Stranger Stranger, comes from the small town of Loranger. "A few years ago we weren’t even on a map. They don’t take too much pride in the arts either. So finding people to play with is pretty hard. It’s more of rap, southern rock and cover bands community and even they find it hard to get shows. Maybe we’ll bridge the gap, but honestly we’re not trying to be different or fit in. We just want to play what we feel and show the world what the core purpose of music is about."
      The members of the band choose to use stage names, picking names that they connect with. Icarus (vocals) believes that mankind makes their own wings. Dante (drums) takes his name from Dante Alighieri who wrote The Divine Comedy, saying "I feel like him walking through my life and seeing how other people’s sins can help me correct my own. The battle of good and evil is everywhere and we can all learn a thing or two from just looking around." Vergil (guitar) takes his name from the poet, Lamia (guitar) takes is name doue the wrath he expresses through his guitar. Loki (bass) is the band trouble maker.
      The band has been in previous bands together and when they all failed, the group decided to start a band of their own. The band is influenced by bands like Motley Crue, Foo Fighters, and The Gazette. They describe their sound as a mix of rock, metal, jazz, and punk and is nothing short of strange.
      The band released a few songs online and recieved fairly positive feedback. "We released the songs for download and within a week we had gained about twice as many fans as we had all week. So I say it was a success. All we’ve gotten is good feedback on them. So we take it people like them."
      The band hopes to start playing shows and get their music spread. They hope to get noticed locally and online.

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