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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


(Photo Credit: Taylor Leigh Photography)

      Joliet, IL isn't exactly the most welcoming city for musical talent. Illinois fourth largest city has very few affordable options for young up-and-coming music acts, charging upwards of $1000 to rent out a venue. This doesn't stop hardcore/thrash band Eminence from putting on a show.

      The word eminence means a position of great distinction, superiority, or of a higher power. This thrash band believes in the word of God, but don't consider themselves to be a christian band.  "(The) band fully believes in God and his power. We use him in our daily life". The name has somewhat of a double meaning, as well. "Eminence is also a word that symbolizes how big something in one's life can be"

(Photo Credit: Taylor Leigh Photography)

      The band came together last year. Mark Daniel (guitar) and Mike Negus (vocals) had both played shows in their respective projects and actually weren't too fond of each other. Somehow, they ended up in Mike's garage in Joliet with a drummer who would go on to play with them once in the band's first show. The two hit it off, Mark helped Mike form a closer bond with God and they continued to jam several more times. Pretty soon, they had recruited a full band, adding Conrad Allsworth (drums) and Romel Pinnix (bass) to the line-up. "The four of us have a really good connection with music and our friendship. I couldn’t ask for more than that. At times, when I'm down they pick me right back up. That’s something you don’t find in most bands now." Says Mike.

       Eminence describes their sound as the Love child of Metallica and Terror. The band is a fan of "heavy" music, whether it be death metal, hardcore, or thrash. They incorporate slams, two-steps, fast thrash and punk beats, and basically anything else that feels right. They prefer to use positive messages over hate-filled ones, and attribute their positive vibe to the people who are actively involved and care about the music scene.

(Photo Credit: Taylor Leigh Photography)

      In the beginning, the band had a slow start as far as performing goes. "The writing process took awhile, and we put most of our effort into that. As a result, we didn't play our first show until after 5 or 6 months of jamming and preparing. We have played 4 shows since the beginning of the year and we have 3 shows booked now. We are good friends with a few booking agents and promoters, so now we're focused on playing." A few of the band's current priorities include merchandise, playing, and recording.

      The EP has been in talks for about a month now and the band hopes to set some time out for the writing process this summer. The band says to expect new things from them by the end of the year, hoping for late summer at the earliest.      


  1. awesome interview guys keep it up

  2. Everyone should check one of their upcoming shows, you will not regret it. Keep up the good work and get that EP going.

  3. Hello! I'm Taylor Irvin from the Kankakee area of Illinois. I was wondering if you knew these were my photos in this article. I love what you're doing here; maybe we should work together sometime?

  4. Good band, good dudes! PCHC!

  5. joe you have a cool thing going here helping out bands. good too see there's people out there still helping the local music scene,and eminence goes hard man!