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Thursday, July 14, 2011

We The Creator

      Patrick Weaver (guitar), J.R. Williams (guitar/vocals), and Dylan Deiotte spent the summer of 2010 jamming along with two fellow musicians. After several disagreements, the three musicians decided to split of from the group. Through J.R., they recruited Jake Spencer on the drums. Dylan quit the band for about 3 months before returning in December. In the time of his absense, the band looked into alternative bassists and new vocalists, and ended up recording two songs.  In January of 2011, Tyler Stockston joined on as the band's vocalist. We The Creator was born.

      The 6-piece metalcore/melodic deathcore band from Portage, IN has since recruited Mason Bryan as the second vocalist after he did guest vocals on the band's track, "Liberator." The band describes their sound as "melodic and heavy with lots of grooves, 2-step, and 'hardcore' parts, tasteful breakdowns and rhythms with ridiculous over-the-top leads". Their lyrical content focuses on breaking free from cliches while speaking their beliefs. "We believe that everyone should be their own personal and not feed off of what society tells them or deems as cool."

      According to the band, Portage is a decent place as far as support goes. The only drawback being the ratio of band members to fans. "FAR too many bands. Not a whole lot of venues. Not very many promoters. We are trying to expand our territory. We have been talking to promoters and venues in Ohio, Indy, Michigan, and Illinois. We do get quite a bit of support from the locals. We are good friends with people in bands such as Corruptor, Betrayer, and The Oppressor. Although most people support, there are lots of ignorant, trash-talking people around, that want nothing but for themselves."

      The band listens to bands like The Ghost Inside, For Today, A Plea For Purging, and many more. "On a non-musical level we all have different beliefs, but we share a common interest in being positive, and taking negative things that have been handed to us and trying to basically make the best of what we can of it. Not saying we all have had terrible lives, but some of us have had a rough background, and we all put that aside for the music that we love and play."

      The band only has two songs available on their Facebook, but they hope to get some more recording done in the summer and fall seasons. "We look to being able to have enough songs for a full-length by next summer." The band hopes to get merch soon and improving their stage pressence. "The only thing that is truly important to us is the music. We're not in this to become famous or rich, or to prove a point. We just believe in what we can write together as musicians, and what we can accomplish. We play the music we love, and we hope others will love. We just want our music to be heard by the masses."

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  1. Dude thank you for this. we've been blowing up big time since this was posted