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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

As Dawn Dies

      In August of 2010, Collin Sulcer (guitar) and Evan Clifford (bass) were attempting to form a new hardcore band after the break-up of their previous music venture. Around the same time, Nate McGurdy's band had also fallen apart and they quickly recruited him as the band vocalist. The three teamed up and found Danny Roach while searching around their high school looking for a drummer. As Dawn Dies had been born.

      The band, based in Portage, IN, has since departed from Nate McGurdy. Hunter Barbian joined the band as the new vocalist and the band added an additional guitarist, Nolan Clifford. "The support in Portage is very good. There is a big hardcore music scene out here and everyone in the bands are like family with each other. Everyone know everyone, so your name gets out there easily. The scene is run by Ed Roseberry, he books all the bands and likes to bring in big touring acts a lot. He puts on every show around here and does a heck of a good job at it, too. So the scene is very active." Says the band.

      The band tends to play hardcore/deathcore shows and try to put on a high energy performance. They have played over a dozen shows and counting since their formation less than a year ago and have play with such bands as Molotov Solution, Burning The Masses, Murder Death Kill and Destruction of a Rose.The band has been compared to some bands like Her Demise My Rise and Attila. They say they would consider their "brutal" sound as a mix between Demolisher, White Chapel and The Acacia Strain.

      The band has an EP that was released in March called From Ashes We Rose, a title that refers to the fact that all the members arose from disbanded music projects. The band is hoping to release their full-length album by the end of the year. "We have a lot in store for this album, we have put a lot of hardwork into the songs that we have so far for the album. We will be recording at The Alley Recording Company in Valparaiso, Indiana." Says the band. "The full-length will be drastically heavier from the EP."

      As Dawn Dies will be playing 219 Fest in South Haven, IN. Like the band on Facebook and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for information on the full-length album.

1 comment:

  1. These guys are amazing! It sucks they havent recorded there new songs yet though!