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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vendetta Spoken

      After becoming fed up with the music scene, Dean Sather (vocals) and Victor Clarence (guitar) decided they were going to start a band. The final result? Vendetta Spoken. Although the duo has had their ups and downs over the years, they've managed to stay motivated through their music. Along with the two original members, the current lineup stands as Dean, Victor, Casey Graff (drums), Mark Hammerbeck (guitar), and Izzy Loveswar (bass) and the band is based in Bismarck, ND.

      After forming about 4 years ago, the band has developed a metal sound comparable to Born of Osiris and Despised Icon. Their influences range from legendary metal bands like Pantera to classical music and hip hop to electronica. As far as non-musical influences go, the band had this to say,"Books and movies are huge with all of us, Dante's Inferno, 1984, The Bahghavad Gita (which was the insperation for the schrodinger equation) and various other movies."

      The band has played hundreds of shows and plays each one as if it were their last. "Feeling is a huge thing for us," says the band. "We all feel right up there and I can speak for the guys when I say that we complete each other up on stage. It all feels very natural and just overall perfect, but having our natural chemistry really helps the live performance."

      The band has two albums, Shrieking if the Damned and Schrodinger Equation, and are working on a new full-length with no current dates set. "The new album is very angry, we never really tried angry. We like the smart approach to albums, but with this new album, we felt like, as a band, (we) have alot to (be) angry about, so thats the focus of this album. I always say "Schrodinger, but more". We don't have anything holding us back and we have a great line up, right thinking minds, and chemistry. Now we really can show people what we can do."

      The band has achieved much, they were interviewed on South Dakota radio station KLND 89.5 and even received publication in Music and Noise Magazine. The band had this to say:
"Music and Noise is an up-and-coming magazine that features metal and hardcore acts. It was our first time in a magazine. Kit is a great guy, he put is in it. He also runs Ling Chi Records. Great exposure, (We) cant thank him enough. We are very thankful for any kind of exposure we get. It was strange for (us) to be in the magazine, I never thought we'd ever be in one."
       Like the band on Facebook and keep an eye out for updates concerning the new album!


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