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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Put Her In The Trunk

      Imagine this, the band Slipknot is driving down a busy road blasting The Misfits on their way to a Motley Crue concert. They are coming from seeing a George Romero zombie movie and the car crashes. That's how the death metal/punk band from Milwaukee, Put Her In The Trunk, describes their sound. "(We're) heavy and pissed off, with some punk elements and a few breakdowns." adds the band.

      The name, Put Her In The Trunk, came from a conversation between band guitarist, Jon Brem, and a friend at a bar. When the band was brainstorming for a band name, the conversation was brought up and the rest is history. It helped that the band was having little luck finding a name that had not been used yet.

      The band formed when the band Floating Face Down broke up. Brothers Jon and Doug Brem and their former bandmate, Scott Sweet wanted to continue making music together. The band then recruited Dan Kubinski of Die Kreuzen and Decapitado and started writing. The band went on without a singer. When the time came and the band wanted to put music online, they still didn't have a singer, so they turned to cookie monster.

      "We didn't want to put up an instrumental song, so we used a cookie monster toy for vocals. It turned out pretty cool and the cookie monster thing stuck with us for quite awhile. We (even) have some shirts with him on it." says the band. When Matt Schmitz, of Sleestak, joined the band, they started playing shows.

       Matt was a huge fan of horror films, like Doug, and their first CD, Guinea Pig, was based on four seperate japanese torture/horror movies. After Matt's departure, the lyrics got more violent and the band ditched the movie themes (but kept a few references). The band's overall influences range from death metal to The Beatles, giving the band an "anything goes" pass. The band tries to stay heavy, but they make sure that they have just as much fun as the listener.

      The current band line-up consists of Doug Brem (drums), Jon Brem (guitar), Anthony Kuehl (guitar), Scott Roth (vocals) and Mike LeBeau (bass).

      The band is very proud to say that Kane Hodder, actor who played Jason Vorhees in Friday The 13th 7, 8, 9, and 10, is a fan of the band. Doug, being a huge horror film fan, often goes to horror film conventions where he met Kane on several occasions. Doug gave him several band t-shirts and the actor once told him that he enjoyed the stares that people gave him for wearing the shirts. Coincidentally, one of the band t-shirt designs has the mask Kane wore in Jason goes to Hell.

      "Devil's Experiment", the song by the band is featured in the film, Brutal, directed by Nuna Minch. The band also has songs pending in upcoming indie horror films Night Of The Living Dead 2012, Midsummer Nightmares, and possibly, The Zombie Movie. They accomplished this feat, again, through Doug.

      "I give our CD's to indie movie directors at conventions. I'm constantly looking for new independant horror flicks to watch. I have some friends that act in indie horror films. I'm a horror film junkie." Says Doug. "When people see your stuff at lots of conventions and online, the word spreads. We never get paid for any of it, but thats not why we do it. When you watch a movie, and hear your song play during a scene, thats payment enough for me"

      Check out the band who has stayed alive in an overcrowded scene on Facebook and check out their latest release, They're Coming To Get You.
~ joeEFFINGmayo

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