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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Uncharted Battlefest Highlight: D-Lock

      Pop stars and gangster rappers move aside, Darian 'D-Lock' Lockhart is a force to be reckoned with. The young rapper's lyrics are not only about life experiences, but they also touch base on topics that everyone can relate to. D-Lock's passion for making music started back in 2005. Soon after, he put the mic down. After a long hiatus to focus on his personal life he returned to his first love, music, in 2009 and hasn't let up since.

      D-Lock is currently working on a few projects including his own mixtape, Thank God I'm The Sh*t, and a full-length with his group, The Smoovefellaz, entitled, Under The Influence. The Smoovefellaz, according to D-Lock, is a group of rappers that share the same goal, helping Rockford gain proper respect. The group has an impressive local following in Rockford and they hope to expand throughout the Midwest and beyond.

     D-Lock recently started battle rapping in the Midwest Battlefest league. His first battle was against Infancy and although he didn't win the battle, D-Lock considered it a success. "It gave me the confidence I needed, to know I can go up against anybody and hold my own." Says the rapper.

      With the Thank God I'm The Sh*t mixtape, set to be released towards the end of the summer, and the upcoming Smoovefellaz album, Under the Influence, set to be released later this month, D-Lock hopes to put both himself and The Smoovefellaz on the map and gain the recognition he feels they deserve.



  1. 1 word, NICE!!!!!!!!