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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Trabajabas

    The Spanish word "trabajaba" loosely translates to "used to work." One alternative ska band thought it would be clever to name their band, The Used-to Workers, thus calling themselves, The Trabajabas. The Pittsburgh band really stands out from the small predominantly pop-punk music scene in the area. Their large band and band instruments aren't hard to spot, and their wide variety of ska and indie songs are easy to notice among the other bands. "We're that unique band that kind of throws people off a bit when they see us. In a good way, of course." Says the band.
    The first ska band attempt was a no-go, the band was attempted and quickly failed. The following year in November 2009, the band tried again. This time taking it much more serious and it worked. "It all just started off as a group of somewhat strangers that got together through some mutual friendships. We basically just wanted to start a ska band." The band didn't truly evolve into their current sound until the addition of Aaron Rodden in the fall of 2010, bringing the member count to 9. "Having a band with so many talented people is definitely a plus. But it's quite difficult to match up our schedules and get a full band practice together. And since the age range is so vast, two of us being in college and the rest still in high school, it's necessary to get stand-ins so that things can continue to run. The major benefit of having such a big band is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to making songs. We are all versatile musicians and it's always exciting to put together something new."
    Their are several music influences for many of the individual members, but as a band, they are influenced by bands like Streetlight Manifesto, Arctic Monkeys, Rx Bandits, and The Shins. "It's also interesting to see how each of us has our taste in music and how we apply it to the band as a whole." says the band. Using these influences, the band sculpts and interesting blend of ska, indie, and even some funk. "Our sound is almost indescribable. Some songs are quite funky (like "Strawberry Jam") and others are a mixture of indie and ska (like "Deep Sea Diving"). The beauty of our band is that we just play the music we feel like playing. We don't chain ourselves down to a single genre. But if i had to specify, I would say we are indie rock alternative and ska. Some recurring themes in our songs are references to sea life and horses...just because." Says the band.
    Winning the Mr. Smalls Next Big Thing Tour competition in Pittsburgh is among some of the band's many accomplishments. "25-35 bands were selected to be on the tour and each band was given about 15-20 of set time. The show ran from 11am to 11pm. We played at 7pm, and by that time there were about a good 1000+ people there. At the end of the performances a group of judges selected by the Mr. Smalls staff got together and announced the top three places, in which we won first, and $750." The band also played The Altar Bar Battle of the Bands, winning their first round. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, the band was unable to play their second round, but they received a high quality recording of their live performance.
    The band was very proud to share the stage with Fishbone, one of the first innovators of new wave ska music. The band opened for the ska legends at the Altar Bar, where the show was sold out, but things have a tendency not to go as planned. "Unfortunately, it was the same day of a huge snow storm (about 2 or 3 feet of snow accumulated). It was a huge let down because it would have been packed otherwise. Either way, we enjoyed opening for such an innovative band and later watching them play." Says the band. "They are phenomenal performers."
    Tonight (Monday, November 7th, 2011) the band will be opening for The Supervillains @ The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh. The band has some big shows planned for the holidays, where the band plans to play lots of new material live. "This coming summer is also going to be a big one. We will probably spend less time in the studio and more time playing shows. And with college coming around the corner for more members of the band, we don't know how much longer we will be around." So get your dose of The Trabajabas before it's too late! Check out the band on Facebook for updates on the band's activity!   

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  1. This band is pretty damn good, id give em' a nickel if they where in a pinch. assuming of coarse, that a nickel would help them out of said 'pinch'