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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Black Orchid Ritual

    Raven Elias has been playing music for a long time. In late 1999, he formed a cover band in Houston with his longtime friend, Robert Stilwell. The band had hoped to become an original band before long, but according to the band, it's a lot easier to make ends meet when you play songs everyone knows and loves. In 2004, the "band" recorded their debut album, but in 2008, they rerecorded the songs. It wasn't until a year later that the band was able to release it.
    Now, the band had been a band for about a decade, but it wasn't until the addition of Ukrainian bassist, Serge Romashyn, that Black Orchid Ritual was born. the debut, all-original show was booked before Serge had even joined the band. He had assured Raven that he had learned 4 of the band's songs and after only one night of practice, the band played in front of 200 people.
    Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin are among the band's influences, along with a lot of modern rock, macabre works, metal, and even classic horror movies and ghost stories. "(Our sound) is a bit retro, mixed beautifully and wisely with modern music. A bit of hard rock and heavy metal." The band also feels like modern rock music owes a lot to Black Sabbath. "Everyone sounds like Sabbath today, we owe everything to them. Nickelback, Green Day, all those bands, not just bands like Metallica or Marilyn Manson."
    At their shows, you might find props and art, fans dressed in costume, sometimes giant crosses with black drapes. "We love subtleness," jokes the band. "The sound and energy is furious and thrilling as well as chilling. a show filled with fog floating upon the stage floor, massive strobe lights flashing, beautiful cobalt blue lights sparkling, just look at one of those Led Zeppelin concert photos of the 70's,But with a lot of fans dressed like witches."
    The band wanted to talk a little bit about their debut album, and so we let them.
    "As Sabbath's debut album was, ours was recorded on a small budget and was done very fast. It was a recording of 9 songs, with 2 of the songs being instrumentals.
    The album starts off with a woman screaming and then the first song hits hard into a number entitled MUSICAL BEDS; a song about the consequences of unprotected sex. A hard rock song guaranteed to make you think before you leave your condom at home.
    The second track is called NEVER SATISFIED; the song starts off again with an audio fx; a detuned unearthly voice speaks "DAMNED TO ETERNAL HUNGER", then a sludge-like guitar riff opens this metal rant about never being satisfied with anything in this life, even "when you have gotten everything" as the lyrics states. There are too many cool and interesting stuff to mention so I guess you'll have to play the CD."
    Currently, the band's second album is in the works and the band had this to say about it, "Its gonna be the one that makes us. it will definitley have more than 10 tracks. The title itself sounds controversial, which we can not disclose at this time. Lets just say it in this way; Its gonna turn the Vatican pink and reveal alot of religious truth. It will be very Metal but not one sided. We like to feel that we can incorporate orchestrations and different instruments other than just shredding electric guitar. We're versatile, influenced by the greatest bands that ever was."
    They hope to release the album in late January. The band is also hoping to release an unplugged acoustic album this December which will include songs from the first album, as well as songs from the second. The band will continue playing shows in the coming months as well as building their fanbase online. Be sure to like the band on Facebook for updates on their upcoming shows and album updates!


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  4. This article/interview of this band is awesome in many ways. I feel they are unique as bands were long ago. I will see about buying the Cd on the website mentioned,
    Do you have any cd's of their music??