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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Siren's Allure

    In Greek mythology, the sirens were seductresses who lured sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. The Siren's Allure, a trancecore band from Mountain Home, Arkansas and used these mythical creatures as a metaphor. "It’s mainly about how the world tries to lure all of us in with its deception and deceit." Says the band.
    The two members of the band, Ocean Abernathy and Tyler Haile formed the band in mid-2011. The duo combines metal, electronica, dubstep, and techno to create their trancecore sound and have found it difficult to fit in with the town's post-hardcore music scene, making it hard for the band to play shows in the area.
    The two have been friends for several years and have been a part of several bands together. With several different influences from bands like The Browning, Sybreed, Sky Eats Airplane, and even dubstep artist, Skrillex. The band incorporates many elements from metal and electronica in their music and often times incorporates the siren folklore in their music and lyrics.
    The band is currently working on their upcoming EP, and is hoping for a December release date. "It’s going to blow minds." Says the band. "It is very different from other bands, and each song tells its own story. We’re currently done recording and mixing it and are just working on getting it promoted and getting the art work finished." Although the band is still in it's early stages, the band hopes to complete their line-up and move into a bigger music scene in hopes of finding an audience open to new sounds.


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