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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dirty Hearts Club

    In January 2011, The Dirty Hearts Club, an indie rock band from Manchester, UK formed from the remains of their previous project, The Dirty Hands. 3 of the remaining members joined up and initially planned to keep the name before they found out it was taken by an already signed band in London. "we stumbled across the idea to call ourselves 'The Dirty Hearts' and the 'Club' part felt as though it gave us our own individual identity, like we were beginning an exclusive club that people could be part of." Says the band.
    "Manchester has been an important city in England’s musical heritage spawning internationally recognized and respected bands and musical figures that has defined musical culture and genre, such as bands like Joy Division, The Fall, The Buzzcocks, The Stone Roses, Happy Monday’s, Oasis, and Elbow. The city’s musical heritage has spawned a vibrant and eclectic ongoing scene. We (the band) all live just outside of the city so as well as getting involved in the music scene there we also play and have put on gigs in smaller suburban towns."
    The Dirty Hands split in November 2010 and in December, Danny Solazzo (vocals) met with Chas Dewhurst (lead guitar/vocals) whom he met behind the bar in a local pub. Chas and Danny decided to collaborate on some music and from there, they contacted Patt Jenkinson (bass/vocals) and Ste Mills (drums), both formally from The Dirty Hands along with Danny, about forming a band. Danny turned to his old childhood friend, Matt White to play rhythym guitar for the band.
    "What brings us together is that we are all passionate about music and the world around us, our influences vary but the bottom line is that we all have a need to play music and be creative and a need to say how we feel about what we see going on around us. We live in times of unrest whether its political/financial and we feel like we must speak out about the injustices we see day to day, although some of our songs are just about being young, having a good time and enjoying the positives in life."
    The band is influenced by all sorts of things, from politics to art, and the band's musical influences range from Metallica to The Manic Street Preachers. Using these many influences, the band has shaped their sound into a "fusion of melodic indie rock" and "raw energy of punk and 60’s garage" with "dark undertones of post-punk and a huge serving of balls out rock and roll."
    "Our live performances have been described as frantic, energetic and sometimes angry or confrontational. We play with our hearts on our sleeves and lose ourselves in the live show and music. We are passionate musicians and this comes through on stage, we try to play mindful of the past DIY punk scenes were young people frustrated with their lives or what they saw going on around them got up on stage and expressed that pent up frustration through their music. Our shows are often loud, beer gets spilled and things get broken but we love what we do and we love doing it which does come across to the audience."
    So what's next for this fresh new band? "We have various up coming gigs across the North West UK, Hitting some great venues with a bunch of new songs we’ve worked on over the summer, were currently trying to play as much as we can across the uk in order to spread the word and and build our fan base and gain some management to take us to the next level. We’ll be hoping to get back in the studio in the New Year and get some new tracks worked on and perhaps go for a single release towards next summer. 2012 will be a big year for us."

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