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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pajama Jam 2011; Jam in your jammies May 13th!

The Pajama Jam Flyer!
      Get ready to sport your favorite (appropriate) nightwear and listen to some of the best local bands! Pajama Jam, which was originally set to be at The Palace in Freeport, will now be held on May 13th at Apple River Middle School in Apple River from 5:30PM to 11PM, just 50 minutes northwest of Freeport. There will be performances from Disgust For Your Kind, An Hero, Still The Sky, Witness The Burning, In The Year of The Plague, and A Journey To Fall! The show costs $5($4 with pajamas).

      Event planner, TJ Davis, lead singer of An Hero, and Travis Lou Bauscher, guitarist for Still The Sky, were thinking of show ideas and it was originally set to be a regular show, but during school, TJ received a text from Travis with the idea.

      For a few weeks, the event did not have a venue, and there was a scramble to find a new venue. TJ Davis explains the situation, “Well, we hit some trouble when the owner of The Palace called me and
told me that they had accidentally scheduled 2 shows for the same night. since the other one was more solid ours got the boot. Travis and I had been looking everywhere and nobody returned our calls. One of the members in my band told me that one of his friends owned the school in Apple River and told me to ask her. I called her up and she talked to her dad and he said the show was a go. That's how we ended up with it (at the school).”

      TJ has previous event experience, having planned the show, Headbanging For Hunger. The show forwarded all profits and donations to the food pantry in Lena, IL. The show raised lots of many and over 100 people attended.

      “Travis has a very creative mind and you never know what he will come up with next,” says TJ when asked about future themed shows that were mentioned on his Facebook, including a toga themed show. “I'm not entirely certain how the theme ideas started, they just sort of happened. Pajama Jam will be our first themed show.”

      It's important to mention that Pajama Jam will not have refreshments available at the show, so bring a water bottle or two! Keep the drugs and alcohol far away from the show or you may be escorted out without a refund! Also, encourage attending bands to bring merch if you're interested in buying some goodies! Make sure to let TJ and Travis know you're going to be there by RSVP-ing to the show on the Facebook event page! Again, the show will be on May 13th at Apple River Middle School, 50 minutes northwest of Freeport, IL.

      “I would like to thank Kirk Wedig, from I the Creator, for helping make the amazing flier!” ~ TJ Davis


P.S. The event has one available slot for a band, if interested, shoot them a wall post on the Event Page!

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