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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fallen Fortune, Rising Company

Fallen Fortune Company Logo

      In Whitewater, WI, lies band booking and managing company, Fallen Fortune Productions, a company with the selfless mission to keep the local music scene alive and help local bands.

      24 year-old, Brandon Downs started out as a music promoter about 6 years ago, ”I just wanted to help local bands that I felt sounded good and had potential by getting their name out there. I set-up an artist MySpace account and would find good bands and post their info on there and try to get people to check them out.”

      What started as a music promotion company on MySpace run by Brandon, has turned into a small team of people booking concerts in the Midwest with both local and national acts. They hope to start managing bands very soon and have several interested bands. Brandon says, “Over the past 6 years or so we have went from a simple band advertising company to a full service booking agency and managing service. Just recently we have been getting offers from larger bands from all over the country and a few international acts.” The company consists of co-owners Brandon Downs and Ryan Kilday along with new addition, Jordan Weinke.
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      When asked about future expansions, Brandon replied, “Right now we are in the process of setting up our own venue here in Whitewater, we are still in the planning stages, but if things go as planned we will hopefully have a fully operating music venue right here in Whitewater.” He hopes it will be a place where teens can hang out and enjoy live music and, Brandon adds, ”a place where they can get a drink or something to eat and hang out with friends, a place where the local bands can come and play and not have to worry about getting screwed out of money by the big venues that will only cater to the national acts.”

      Until the company can secure a permanent venue, it uses the Old Armory in Whitewater for many of their concerts. The Old Armory isn't exactly a full service venue. “its an old gym that we have concerts in. We have to supply our own lights, sound and stage. This is why we are trying to open our own venue. (That) way we can have more shows more often, we are limited on how many shows we can have at the armory, as its open to any one that wants to use it.”

      The company has booked over 30 acts such as Alanas Mark, Another Hero Dies, Rooks, Dr. Acula, Apollyon and many more at The Old Armory and have also had shows at The Rave, The Walworth County Fairgrounds and at Starin Park in Whitewater. Fallen Fortune does most of it's business online but hopes that once they get a venue, they can use it as a makeshift HQ. “We will have a place so we can meet with bands, have company meetings and meet with other potential investors.” Says Downs.

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      Brandon, who raised over $1000 for the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) in 2008, also has plans to continue supporting and raising money for the charity. “Muscular Dystrophy Association is an organization that raises money for people with Muscular Dystrophy which is a disease that eats away the muscles, which then makes it so the person cannot walk, has issues breathing, opens them up to bacteria and sickness's. They raise money to help with medical costs and to get the things they need to live a normal life. MD runs in my family so it is something I am very passionate about helping out with.”

      Fallen Fortune has several upcoming events, Brandon says, “Right now, we have a show on May 16th with Dr. Acula, Ocellus, Amor Emarta, Alanas Mark and a few others. Then, we have May 25th with Gemini Syndrome, Product of Hate, Hester Prynne, Nightshade and a few others. We are also currently working on a June 25th show and a few fundraisers to raise money for the venue.” Get the company news and merch on their website and show them some love on Facebook and contact Brandon Downs @ about booking in the Whitewater, WI area!


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