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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unquiet Night, Irish Rock Band

    Although originally conceived in 2006, it wasn't until 2010 that the rock and roll band, Unquiet Nights, was ready to take things to the next level. The Irish band comes from Belfast in Northern Ireland, but does many shows and interviews in Umbria, Italy, as well. "It’s more functional than it sounds, we’ve had some opportunities in Italy because of it which is great. Hopefully more, in a country of 60m people there are more radio stations, festivals and tours happening around the place. Coming from a very small country that’s interesting." Says Luke Mathers, band guitarist and vocalist.
    So how would one describe the band's sound? Well, you get down to the root of the British Invasion in delta blues, country, and gospel music. Take a look at The Rolling Stones, and then write powerful songs influenced by Dylan, Cohen, Springsteen, and Neil Young. "These influences are edited down to something which is pretty direct, song based, clean production, and which can hopefully get radio play. At its best it’s got the song writing sensibility of Detroit Soul, but then there are lead guitar lines on top of that which weren’t really a part of that sound. We’ve made it a bit heavier. Paul Weller has an album called Heavy Soul, maybe something like that." Says Mathers.
    21st Century Redemption Songs, the band's debut album, was recently released on Christmas Day. The album had been in production since the summer of 2010, with songs having been written even earlier. "There are a lot of recognizable themes in the writing," Says Mathers. "None of the characters [in the songs] are coming from a place of having much money. [They] are trying to find ways their life can be meaningful. There’s a relentless quality to all of it. [These] same people have appeared a lot on the album. Simple concepts like love songs, have been twisted into a more complicated thing to suit the 21st century, where obviously matters like that are much more complicated. People listening very closely will identify with the stories that are being told."
    Other albums are the biggest influence in shaping the album. " [Albums] that seem finite and with a definite start and end, with a particular set of characters living in that album are the ones I’ve thought of as the most perfect “albums” from start to finish. I’m thinking of Springsteen (Darkness, Born To Run), Dylan (Desire, John Wesley Harding), Neil Young (After the Goldrush). Also the ones that say a lot about where an artist was in their life in that exact particular time like Layla, Exile on Main Street."
    Come February, the band will be playing shows around Dublin and Belfast, including the Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival on Feb 24th. Mathers also says that he's ready to start thinking of the future, including the next album. "There’s a second album that’s forming in my head and that’ll always be ongoing. I already know the title of the album and [I'm] writing towards it now, but it will be at least a similar time frame before it’s finished. I’m really proud of 21st Century Redemption Songs." Later in the summer, the band will also be playing the World's End Festival in Austria.
    And now a word from the band! "People reading should go to and have a listen to 21st Century Redemption Songs. If you like it then let us know in some way. Buying it is great, but we love to see people joining the mailing list, or send an e-mail, like us on Facebook, whatever you want. It’s important for independent bands to know who their fan-base is and communicate directly to them in a way that’s not so important for every band. If you can’t buy it, share it with someone else!"


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