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Thursday, November 3, 2011

We Are Tokyo

    Inspired by the imagery of the late night cityscapes of Tokyo and the way the city just seems to be pushing it's boundaries, electro-pop duo We Are Tokyo incorporated the city into their name. "(The name) was memorable, flowed well when spoken and looked good written so it was a keeper." Says the Alex Fox, band vocalist, who also plays numerous instruments for the band, including synthesizer, bass, and guitar.
    Tom Wheeler, who plays drums and sings back-up vocals, praises the duo's local music scene in Bristol. "Bristol has always had a great music scene and we are glad to be associate with the city as it is the home of many big name artists. We always love playing in Bristol and get a good vibe every time! So we like to keep involved in the Bristol scene and culture."
(Photo: Simon P Cross)
    In the beginning, We Are Tokyo was just Alex in his bedroom creating music. He was able to get one of his songs played on BBC Radio Bristol Introducing where Tom heard the song. "I instantly felt a connection to the sound and what Alex was trying to achieve, so i got in touch with him via Myspace and went for an audition which was very successful and a few weeks later was in the studio being part of the making of our first EP 'Bright Lights'." Recalls  Tom.
    Since the band's 2009 EP, Bright Lights, the band has released several singles. The band's brand of electronicore fuses organic elements such as guitar and live drums with synths and samples to create their synth-focused electro-pop sound. The band takes influence from many electronic artists as well as artists like The Killers, Bloc Party, Depeche Mode, and David Bowie.
(Photo: Simon P Cross)
    It's easy to see that the band has garnered attention with their unique electronic rock fusion, as the band has been feature on several different media outlets. They have been featured as one of Radio 1's Best bands in Bristol, music blog site It's All Indie's Best New Act of 2010, and were semi-finalists in a contest held by Two Jacks In A Hole, an American poker podcast which got the band some exposure overseas.
    The band's latest single 'Magnetic', a synth and vocal driven song about the struggle of long distance relationships, was released along with a music video (here). So what's next for the band? "We plan to release more singles onto some independent labels and work our way to making a signed album, we have a lot of material in the pipeline which we are excited to get out to the public!" Says the band. Be sure to follow the band's updates on Twitter and Facebook!

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