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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Piece Of The Action

    In the overwhelming music scene found in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area, you'll find a band at every corner. A Piece Of The Action is one of those bands. The metal band officailly formed in late 2009 after about a year's worth of jam sessions with different hopefuls.
    The oversaturated music scene in Los Angeles is where the band spends a lot of their time playing shows and practicing. When the band isn't fine-tuning their own skills, they're out supporting their favorite local bands. "We also do our best to help the scene grow into the monster it deserves to be by sharing events, cross promoting, and helping with member searches."
(Photo: Johnny Hirth)
    Since the band's first line-up in December 2009, the band has made several member changes due to members quitting for different reasons. It wasn't until Alfred Jasso (drums) joined the band in September 2011 that the latest line-up was complete. The current line-up consists of founding members, Adam Morales (vocals), Steve Castellanos (guitar), and the addition of Andy Olson (guitar) in September 2010, Dale Rosales (bass) in June 2011, and Alfred.
    In order to create the band's sound, which has been described as party metal/heavy metal, takes influence from bands like Lamb Of God, Deftones, Killswitch Engage, Between the Buried and Me, and Everytime I Die. Apart from the musical influences, the band takes from life experiences. "If there was a way to describe our sound it would be kinda like describing a feeling. When you hear our music its like energy rushing through your body. One song might make you want to kick someone in the throat, while another will help you get through a rough time in your life. If you could name a theme for our music it would be OUR LIFE translated into notes and rhythms."
(Photo: Johnny Hirth)
    The Skinny Magazine's Top 100 festival is a three day event that consists of several bands playing 9 stages located in one massive venue. "The first day was at The Queen Mary in Long Beach CA. Three floors of pure musical mayhem. We played the main stage and it was awesome. The crowd went crazy for us." The band was able to play the main stage on 2 of the 3 days, missing the 3rd day due to their tour schedule.
    The band's self-titled EP was officially released March 2010 and was made available worldwide in September. "It was a great experience to write it and an even greater experience to play for people. The sound of it could be described as symphonic metal." Now, the band is working on their follow-up EP, the currently untitled EP is pushing for an early January 2012 release date. "Our upcoming EP can be described as powerful, moving, angry, and life changing. Picture what the soundtack would be to the greatest battle in history and you'll have our new ep. What separates it from the last ep is its ability to show our growth as a band as well as our overall sound. Even though its heavier and more melodic then the last cd, you can still tell that its APOTA."
    Of course, the band will be working on new music and their upcoming EP, but what else does this over-the-top metal band have in store for us? "There are some shows that we will be playing before Christmas. We have a bunch of things in the works such as the upcoming cd, music video, new photos, and some new endorsements. We are also working on some tour dates for 2012 where we will be hitting states we havent been to yet. And if everything works out financially, we will be heading to Finland to do a 20 date tour with our good friends Neglected Fear.  While all these things are in the works/going on, we are hoping to reach a new level in the music world that no other band has."

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