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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Vanity Project

    In the great underground music scene of Rossendale Valley, you'll find folk-pop band, The Vanity Project playing shows dressed in dresses and cravats. "The Vanity Project is a bit tongue in cheek really, but it was decided from the start that we wouldn’t hold back with any of our music." Says the band. Apart from dressing up, the band also makes sure that the drummer, Ste, is visible, unlike the usual 'drummer in the back' set-up.
    According to the band, this British 3-piece came together after a late night jamming session in a kitchen. The members have been involved in other works in different genres including drum & bass, hip-hop, soul, rock, and indie before forming the band.
    One of the band's biggest influences is the world around them. "A huge influence is the current times we are living in. Although born out of dark times and unashamedly writing many songs that reflect this The Vanity Project are hopeful of change which can be heard in many tracks such as 'I Fear Nothing' and 'What Really Matters'"
    The band's grab bag of sound ranges from powerful to haunting and then to good hearted pop. The band's success on Soundcloud is definitely motivating the band to do better and to keep on trucking. The band hands out free cd's at their shows as their way of saying thank you to the people who came out and gave them a listen.
    Over the summer, the band played at The Night & Day Café in Manchester to a fairly healthy crowd and even played a few music festivals. "Each show got us a repeat booking so hopefully we are doing something right." Says the band.    
    The band also hopes to start playing the local scene night run by local musicians Tim Page & Maria Ward. "Their aim is to promote the vast amount of talent in the Rossendale Valley and surrounding areas.  With the First ‘Scene’ night held recently with a great turn out and some amazing music.  The Vanity Project will be getting involved with a Scene night in the near future." The band hopes to continue recording, performing and having a good time.
    Be sure to check out The Vanity Project on their Facebook for band updates!

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