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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Undesirable People

    Undesirable People, the punk rock band out of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, formed in the summer of 2010. The band name is the band's "refusal to let image or specific genre overtake our main focus, which is the tunes."
    The band came together with mutual distaste for "The man" and school. "Writing and playing music is something we're actually passionate about. We enlisted longtime friends and former band members to get UP started." Says the band. Since forming nothing too interesting has changed. "We lost a guitar player, picked up a lead singer and that's about it."
(Photo: Ethan Andrew Pollard)
    Several influences include Alkaline Trio, Bayside, The Police, Thrice, and Jimmy Eat World. These influences, along with the band's mix of blood, sweat, anger, & fear help shape the band's poppy punk rock sound.
    The band line-up consists of twin brothers, Jon(drums) and Mark(vocals/bass) Lebieki, Bobby Lesage(vocals), and Brian Fraser(guitar).
    The band shows a great distaste for genre labeling. "We feel giving ourselves a label could limit our capabilities to mature and progress as song writers and musicians. There really is no fun in making the same album over and over again. We would love to have something to offer for any listener, regardless of taste in music."
(Photo: Ethan Andrew Pollard)
    The band talked a bit about the upcoming self-titled EP, set to be released today on indie record label, South Division Records.
"Our self-titled EP will be out September 20th on South Division Records. It was recorded and produced with our good friend Mick Maslowski at Zoinga Studios last fall/winter. We released it on our own as a 4-track EP this past February. The South Division release will feature 6 songs and a reworked/acoustic version of "Resting As Ruins". It will also be released on a limited 7" vinyl.

The overall sound includes plenty of guitar licks and melodies to hopefully have your attention longer than 3 minutes. This is something we've wanted to create for so long and we're stoked to have anyone and everyone check it out."
(Photo: Ethan Andrew Pollard)
    When booking shows, the band isn't too picky about what type of bands they play with. "We've been very open to playing with any bands. Our shows have been great so far, lots of people have been feeling it and enjoying themselves, which makes it so much more fun for us." Says the group.
    When describing a typical performance, the band said it consisted of "25 minutes of emotion, sweat, energy, good vibes, bad vibes, you name it. It's all there. We like to call out our merch guy every night too."
    Check out the band's self titled EP, and like the band on Facebook!

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